Artist's book Edition of 500 Softcover 396 pages 28 x 27 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 70 ORDER

Jean-Michel Wicker, #picturebook1, Centre d'édition contemporaine, 2017

Offset printing, including 360 pages in colour and 36 pages in black on LuxoArt Silk 150 g/m2 paper, glossy colour cover, LuxoArt Silk 350 g/m2, 10 inserts, colour, 26.5 × 28 cm, LuxoArt Silk 130 g/m2, publication of an arbre de vie produced by Jean-Michel Wicker in collaboration with Marlie Mul, a text by Harry Burke, and a recipe for Alsatian plum pie by Charlotte Wicker (French), English. Graphic design: Maximage Société Suisse, London. Printing: DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg, Altenburg. 

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Multiple Edition of 1000 14 x 9 cm         EUR 40 ORDER

Jean-Michel Wicker, Belle étiquette, Centre d'édition contemporaine, 2017

Belle étiquette is a woven flyer taking the form of a mini carpet functioning as an advertisement object, polyester, black and white, high definition weaving, heat cut with fray out edges. Weaving: Bornemann-Etiketten GmbH, Wuppertal. 

This edition is accompanied by a publication bearing the same title, Belle étiquette.
16 pages, black/white, colours, offset on Magno Satin 130 g/m2 paper, 26,8 × 20,5 cm, 250 copies.
Graphic design : Marietta Eugster and Jean-Michel Wicker. 

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Artist's book, Monograph Edition of 270 copies Soft cover, perfect binding 164 pages 28 x 21 cm   New       EUR 60 ORDER

David Hominal, Through the Windows, Centre d'édition contemporaine, 2013

David Hominal takes photographs of his studio in Berlin just before hurriedly moving out. The book contains these images, as well as 52 notes on paper, and many reproductions of paintings, sculptures, collages and drawings. The artist also gathered his collection of «bar receipts», which allows him to trace back and remember meetings, conversations, exchanges of information.
Digital print.


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