Artist's book First Edition Softcover 40 pages 42 x 30 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 30 ORDER

Tom Johnson, Permutations of 1234, Rhythmic Canons, Block Designs, Subsets, Self-replicating Melodies and Juggling Patterns, FORDE, Curtat Tunnel, 2014

38 A3 drawings by the artist reproduced in a 1:1 scale.

With texts by E. Amiot, M. Copeland, G. Delor and J.-C Huguenin
Graphic design: Maximage

Artist's book First Edition Hardcover 100 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 40 ORDER

Tina Braegger, The Grateful Dead, FORDE, 2015

The publication The Grateful Dead results from “The Grateful Dead“ paintings series, ink jet prints of colorful psychedelic marching bears on canvas, which is one of the logos of The Grateful Dead, a sixties rock band from San Francisco. They released a record called “The History of the Grateful Dead“ in 1973, on which they were working with a sound engineer called Bob Thomas, who happened to also be their acid dealer. They asked him to contribute a little drawing or something for the booklet that would come along with the album. Since Bob Thomas was a very big and tall guy, his friends would call him “the bear“. He came up with a cartoonish figure of a colourful, psychedelic marching bear. It had a look that was typical for the time: as if the viewer were on acid. LSD hallucinations always look alike, no matter who consume the drug. The bear was one of the first cultural logos that went around the world. The fan of the band were very intrigued by the motif and came up with their own, colorful versions of the drawing. The band liked these drawings and used them for flyers and posters. Even though the members of the band are long dead, the fans are still alive. They call themselves the “Deadheads“. The movement is ongoing. One can still find new drawing of the bear everyday on the internet.

Artist's book First Edition Soft cover, perfect binding 40 pages Texts in French   New       EUR 60 ORDER

Philippe Daerendinger, Tooled Sundays, FORDE, 2011

Published on the occasion of Philippe Daerendinger's show Pièces d'origine at Forde – Espace d'Art Contemporain, Geneva, February 3–March 12, 2011.
Contains texts from Francis Baudevin and Guillaume Pilet.
Concieved and printed with Maximage (David Keshavjee & Julien Tavelli), Berlin.
The book was awarded with the Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2011 price.

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