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Ed Sanders, The Family: The Story of Charles Manson's Dune Buggy Attack Battalion, E. P. Dutton, 1971

In August of 1969, during two bloody evenings of paranoid, psychedelic savagery, Charles Manson and his dystopic communal family helped to wreck the dreams of the Love Generation. At least nine people were murdered, among them Sharon Tate, the young, beautiful, pregnant, actress and wife of Roman Polanski. Ed Sanders' unnerving and detailed look at the horror dealt by Manson and his followers is a classic of the true-crime genre. The Family was originally published in 1971 and remains the most meticulously researched account of the most notorious murders of the 1960s. Using firsthand accounts from some of the family's infamous members, including the wizard himself, Sanders examines not only the origins and legacy of Manson and his family, but also the mysteries that persist.
"One of the best-researched, best-written, thoroughly-constructed, and eminently significant books of our times…. A masterpiece."

Great book.

Criticism/Theory First Edition Soft cover, perfect binding 314 pages 21 x 14 cm Texts in English   Sun-faded
o/w very good condition
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Lucy Lippard, From the Center: Feminist Essays on Women's Art, E. P. Dutton, 1976

Introduction: Changing since changing.
General essays: Freelancing the dragon; Sexual politics: art style; Prefaces to catalogues of women's exhibitions; Household images in art; Fragments; What is female imagery?; Six; The L. A. Woman's Building; Making up: role-playing and transformation in women's art; Points of view: Stuart, De Mott, Jacquette, Graves; The pains and pleasures of rebirth: European and American women's body art; The women artists' movement - What next?
Monographs: Irene Siegel; Eva Hesse: The circle; Catalysis: an interview with Adrian Piper; Color at the edge: Jo Baer; Joan Mitchell; Hanne Darboven: Deep in numbers; Ree Morton: At the still point of the turning world; Jackie Winsor; Mary Miss: An extremely clear situation; Judy Chicago, talking to Lucy R. Lippard; Pandora; May Stevens' big daddies; Louise Bourgeois: From the inside out; Rosemarie Castoro: Working out; Faith Ringgold's Black, political, feminist art; Yvonne Rainer on feminism and her film; Distancing: the films of Nancy Graves; Camouflage: films by Holt and Horn
Fiction: Waterlay; Caveheart

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