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Yayoi Kusama, hustlers grotto – three novellas, Wandering Mind Books, 1998

The Hustlers Grotto of Christopher Street
Foxgloves of Central Park
Death Smell Acacia

«Like her painting and collages, sculpture, environments and happenings that are now icons of the 1960s, her writing is hallucinatory, structured by repetition, and obsessed with sexual imagery that is violent, fantastic and laughable all at once. (...) Her novels and poetry have acquired cult status in Japan's literary vanguard since Manhattan Suicide Addict, her autobiographical novel of life as an artist in downtown New York, was first published in 1978. (...) This volume presents three of Kusama's most well-known novellas superbly translated by Ralph F. McCarthy.» (extract of the book's afterword by Alexandra Munroe, 1997.)

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