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Öyvind Fahlström (1928–1976), Arnold Herstand & Company, 1984

In my variable pictures the emphasis on the "character" or "type" of an element is achieved materially by cutting out a silhouette in plastic and sheet iron. The type then becomes fixed and tangible, almost "live" as an object, yet flat as a painting. Equipped with magnets, these cutouts an be juxtaposed, superposed, inserted, suspended. They can slide along grooves, fold laterally through joints, and frontally through hinges. They can also be bent and riveted to permanent three-dimensional forms.
These elements, while materially fixed, achieve their character-identity only when they are put together; their character changes with each new arrangement. The arrangement grows out of a combination of the rules (the chance factor) and my intentions, and is shown in a "score" or "scenario" (in the form of drawings, photographs or small paintings). The isolated elements are thus not paitings, but machinery to make paintings. Picture-organ. (...)

Manipulating the World, Ö. Fahlström, 1964

Small catalog published on the occasion of Öyvind Fahlström's exhibition at Arnold Herstand & Company in New York, between March 15th and April 10th, 1984.

The book comes with an invitation card for the artist's show at Galerie Daniel Cordier in Paris, in 1959. This invitation contains a text on Fahlström's work written by Edouard Jaguer.

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