Monograph First Edition Softcover 655 pages Texts in English / Deutsch   New       EUR 43 ORDER

Robert Ashley, Outside of Time / Außerhalb der Zeit, MusikTexte, 2009

Ideas about Music. 

Contains: Towards a New Kind of Opera, Discovering the Musicality of Speech. Mills College, The ONCE Festival and, Program and Liner Notes, and texts by Alvin Lucier, Ralf Dietrich, Gisela Gronemeyer and Reinhard Oehlschlägel.

Monograph First Edition Softcover 906 pages Texts in English / Deutsch   New       EUR 56 ORDER

Morton Feldman, Words on Music / Worte über Musik, MusikTexte, 2008

Lectures and Conversations.

Organized chronologically from 1985 to 1987, with texts by Raoul Mörchen, Gisela Gronemeyer and Reinhard Oehlschlägel, Ernstalbrecht Stiebler.

Monograph Second revised edition Softcover 528 pages Texts in English / Deutsch   New       EUR 36 ORDER

Alvin Lucier, Reflections/Reflexionen, MusikTexte, 2005

Interviews, scores, writings 1965–1994.

Contains: Interview with William Duckworth, Interviews with Douglas Simon, Interview with James Tenney, Interviews with Daniel Wolf, a selection of scores from 1965 to 1993, a selection of texts from 1967 to 1994, and texts by Pauline Oliveros and James Tenney.

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