Criticism/Theory First Edition Hardcover with dust jacket 126 pages Texts in English   Fragile but very good condition       EUR 250 out of stock

Cornelius Cardew, Stockhausen Serves Imperialism, Latimer New Dimensions Limited, 1974

Stockhausen serves Imperialism, and other articles 

All music reflects the political lines and embodies the ideas of definite social classes. In composing music the political aspect is of paramount importance. In performance and criticism of music the political aspect if of paramount importance.
In this book Cardew documents his attempts to place the contradictions in modern music in relation to the main contradiction in the world today: the contradiction between imperialism and the people of the world. Politically, in the imperialist heartlands, this boils down to the question of which class should hold political power, the bourgeoisie (standard-bearer of imperialism) or the working masses.

Chapter 1: A History of the Scratch Orchestra by Rod Eley
Chapter 2: Criticising Cage and Stockhausen
       John Cage: Ghost or Monster
       Introduction to Cage's Music of Changes by John Tilbury
       Stockhausen Serves Imperialism
       On Criticism
Chapter 3: A Critical Concert
Chapter 4: Self Criticism: Repudiation of Earlier Works
       Problems of Notation
       Additional Material Presented at the Notation Symposium
       Criticism of The Great Learning

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