Artist's book Edition of 150 Staple-bound 15 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 35 out of stock

Maximage, Chandigarh Furniture, Villette Édition, 2014

"Years later, some Indian scientists scouting for new settlement locations, flew over the area and spotted the remains of the huge concrete statue of a hand that seemed to be trying to reach out at them through the dense vegetation engulfing it.“

Concept: David Keshavjee, Andreas Koller, Guy Meldem.
Designed in India and printed on hand-made paper from Pondicherry. 

Artist's book Edition of 100 copies Staple-bound 22 pages   New       EUR 19 ORDER

Guy Meldem, Sunrise Sunset, Villette Édition, 2014

24 CMYK drawings printed in offset, signed and numbered.

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