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Keith Sandborn, Andy Moses, Underexposed (A Selected History of Neglected Films), Artists Space, 1987

«The relationship between film and the platic arts, like any relationship, has gone through periods of both intimacy and distance. Today we seem to be ignoring one another. With this as a starting point, Keith Sandborn and Andy Moses have organized Underexposed (A Selected History of Neglected Films), with the hope that 'ignoring' does not develop into 'ignorance'.»

Works by Ann Severson, Carolee Schneemann, Kenneth Anger, The Fleischer Brothers, Otto Muehl, Georges Melies, Roger Jacoby, Ken Jacobs Bob Fleischer, Jack Smith, Charles Dekeukeleire, Christopher Maclaine, Maurice Lamaitre, Chris Marker, Sergel M. Eisenstein, Maya Deren, and Don Levy

Curated and featuring essays by Andy Moses and Keith Sanborn; introduction by Andy Moses; acknowledgments by Susan Wyatt and Dan Walworth.

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Thomas Lawson, Susan Morgan, REALLIFE Magazine 1979–1990, Artists Space, 2007

Tiny booklet featuring an interview of REALLIFE Magazine founders Tom Lawson and Susan Morgan, published on the occasion of R E A L L I F E Magazine 1979–1990 at Artists Space, New York, March 30 – May 12, 2007.


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Salad Days 3, Artists Space, 2008

Artists Space continues what has become a biennial tradition with the third installment of Salad Days. Initiated in 2004, this eclectic group exhibition presents ten New York-based artists, each chosen by an independent curator, at a particular point in their careers that could be aptly described as their “salad days.” This open-ended exhibition platform continues to showcase a promising group of emerging artists and curators alike, often being their first New York-based exhibition, providing the opportunity to present their work to a broad audience.
Artists: Samuel T. Adams, Nik Gelormino and Keegan Monaghan, Sarah Kipp, Zak Kitnick, Gareth Long, Matthew Morgan, Scott Penkava, Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz, Ginger Brooks-Takahashi, Carlos E. Sandoval De Leon
Curators: Rebecca Boswell, Coren Cooper, Meghan Della Crosse, Jeanne Gerrity, Summer Guthery, Teneille Haggard, Sara Hines, Thomas J. Lax, Christopher Y. Lew, Amy Owen

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