Monograph First Edition Hardcover 271 pages 28 x 24 cm Texts in French   New       EUR 78 ORDER

Frédéric Paul (ed.), Guy de Cointet, Flammarion, 2014

Art critic and PhD in Art History Frédéric Paul revisits the life and work of Guy de Cointet (1934-1983), in a book published by Flammarion in collaboration with the Estate of Guy de Cointet and Air de Paris gallery.
When the artist dies, at age 49, Jack Lang is the Minister for Culture since two years. Living in New York, the artist assist Larry Bell, then moving to Los Angeles, he won't really benefit from the financial windfall of the Mitterrand-era which contributed to the fortune and influence of the Frac. This book contains 300 works: drawings, note-books, relief-paintings, film and video works, and above all the bootleg of the essential journal ACRCIT, intergrally reproduced for the first time. Guy the Cointet used to humbly say about his practice “I am not trying to understand my work. For me, it is a complete mystery.“

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