Artist's book, Monograph First Edition Soft cover, perfect binding 114 pages 27 x 21 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 25 ORDER

BANK, BANK, Black Dog Publishing, 2001

Created by recent graduates of art schools, the bank is a group of artists have continued to changing contours as his numbers evolve over the years. Between 1991 and 2003, organized bank with a twenty group exhibitions. Most have occurred in the areas opened up by the group in Shoreditch, East London (Bank Space, Gallery Poo-Poo). As the name suggests, BANK parodied corporate activities expose on the art market. The group has an art of paradox that developed a sarcastic attitude, nihilistic megalomaniac boasts. Effective self-promotion in the service of a taste for provocation and regressive scatological. BANK projects were virulent fees, sometimes controversial, against the aesthetic consensus, the dominant discourses and cultural hypocrisy.

This volume charts the progress of BANK through a series of 27 shows, taking a journey through its obsession with the mechanics, politics and etiquette of making art, and of making art visible. Concepts examined include: curation as art practice; and art as collective practice.

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