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Magali Jourdan, Mathilde Sobottke, Elfriede Jelinek: Gesammelte Gedichte / Poésies complètes, Westphalie:, 2014

Gesammelte Gedichte / Poésies complètes is the first anthology of the complete poetry of Elfriede Jelinek. It contains 56 poems mostly written between 1964 and 1969 (at the exception of 3 of them, written respectively in 1980, 1981 and 1991) and includes one previously unpublished poem (“beginning young love”, read by the author at the 20. Österreichen Jugendkulturwoche, Innsbruck, 1969).
This book is in the first place a translator’s project. Magali Jourdan and Mathilde Sobottke have written the first biography of Elfriede Jelinek in French (Qui a peur d’Elfriede Jelinek ?, Paris: Editions Danger Public, 2006) and have translated into French Prinzessinnendramen: Der Tod und das Mädchen I-III und IV-V (Drames de Princesses / La Jeune Fille et la Mort I-V, Paris: L’Arche Éditeur, 2006) before having published seven translated poems in the literary magazine Avant-Poste (Avant-Poste n°7, Paris, 2009). Jourdan and Sobottke have decided then to go on and to translate all Jelinek’s poetry with her agreement.

Edited and translated by Magali Jourdan and Mathilde Sobottke.

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