Anthology Second revised edition Soft cover, perfect binding 253 pages Texts in English   Good condition       EUR 28 out of stock

Jack Hirschman (ed.), Artaud Anthology, City Light Books, 1965

“I am the man“, said Antonin Artaud, “who has best charted his inmost self“. To society, Artaud was an addict and a madman. He was by nature a visionary poet and incendiary, and this book brings together for the first time in English a sufficient and representative quantity of Artaud's (non-theatrical) writing to explain that particular attraction he has for many today – a fascination which lies only partly in his embodiment of the alienated individual in society (as in Artaud's own interpretation of Van Gogh, in whom he could not help but see himself). Here one can hear – in very faithful and beautiful translations, done mostly by contemporary poets – Artaud's whole voice as it has not been heard before in English – his drug pleas, his prophecies, his castigations and condemnations, his tribal chants and poems.“

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