Source Book First Edition Soft cover, perfect binding Texts in French   Fragile binding
Bottom right corner slightly bent
o/w Fine
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Paul Muller, Le livre rose du Hippy, Union Générale d'Editions, 1968

Compendium of hippie aesthetics and philosophy, containing many contributions: Allen Ginsberg, Paul Eluard, William Burroughs, Gary Snyder, Raymond Queneau, Bob Kaufman, Marquis de Sade, Alan Watts to Timothy Leary, J. D. Salinger, Henry Thoreau, Jim Morrison, Art Kleps, Jerry Rubin, Francis Ponge and Mario Savio.
This is the first book published on the hippie phenomenon in a language other than English. Each page is illustrated with full color reproductions of psychedelic art including work by Rick Griffin, Mouse, Peter Max, and Martin Sharp, as well as photographs of Millbrook, the Prankster bus, gurus, drug takers, and much more.
Very special item.

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