Fiction First Edition Paperback 112 pages 17 x 11 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 11 ORDER

Tina Braegger, The Grateful Dead – A Diary by Gabriel Krampus, BECKBOOKS, 2016

Gabriel Krampus lives with his wife on a deserted island of the Idian ocean. They are both artists. At 84 years old, he decides to publish his diary, written 8 years earlier, in 2059.

“To have an island all by myself was my dream since forever, to be able to work without worldly distractions. My wife had always made conceptual work. She wanted to be buried in a beautiful place, and our private little island can definitely be described as such, so now for almost 44 years she has been watching the weather change, the time pass, the ocean come and go.“

Criticism/Theory, Fiction Paperback 305 pages 19 x 13 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 17 ORDER

Sadie Plant, Zeros + Ones, Fourth Estate Limited, 1997

Meet Ada Lovelace, daughter of mathematician Annabella Byron and poet Lord Byron, and a major contributor to Charles Babbage's famous Analytic Engine. Lovelace is in many ways the patron saint of Sadie Plant's exploration of women's roles in the creation of modern technology. The book begins with Lovelace's story, and elements of her writings appear throughout the book--sometimes to emphasize points but often to exemplify attitude. They also serve to anchor Plant's dynamic, almost stream-of-conscious approach as we travel to 19th-century Europe to meet the nameless women who laid the foundation of modern technology with the development of weaving, survey the major female technological innovators of today, and even explore female figures in technology-based fiction.


Artists' writings, Fiction First Edition Softcover 178 pages 20 x 13 cm Texts in French   New       EUR 20 ORDER

Kim Seob Boninsegni, 화병 Hwabyeong, Clinamen, 2017

Hwabyeong est une hypothèse. Sous couvert d’une nouvelle, une timeline se déroule cherchant sa voie entre réel et fiction, entre mémoire refoulée ou fantasmes sublimés. Hwabyeong est une ligne de feu, une colère froide - à la fois collective et individuelle - serpentant dans les méandres d’un outre-monde en proie au chaos.

Avec la participation de Yvan Alvarez, Luca Beeler, Nicolas Brulhart, Timothée Calame, Éléonore Chalié, Marie Matusz, Léo Wadimoff & Anonyme.

Fiction Paperback 272 pages Texts in French   New       EUR 26 ORDER

Denis Cooper, Guide, P.O.L., 2000

On retrouve dans Guide l’univers fantasmatique et esthétique de Closer, le premier roman de Dennis Cooper. On retrouve les garçons, la drogue, la musique, le désir de tuer et celui de mourir. On retrouve la vision hallucinatoire, décapante, d’une drôlerie perverse de Cooper. On retrouve, dans la lumière glauque d’une côte Ouest en pleine dérive, dans un L.A. mouvant, tout un monde en marge, des figures impossibles, des rites, des codes, des rythmes, un imaginaire choquant et éperdu auquel répond un monde sans issue. Mais ici l’auteur s’invente un double fictif qui, accentuant le brouillage entre la fiction et la réalité, déstabilise un peu plus le lecteur qui, confronté à la différence entre ce qui est possible dans une vie fantasmatique et ce qui est possible dans une vie réelle, va devoir interroger son propre trouble.

Anthology, Fiction Second Edition Soft cover, perfect binding 300 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 32 out of stock

François Peraldi, Polysexuality (Semiotext(e) #10), Semiotext(e), 1995

Originally conceived as a special Semiotext(e) issue on homosexuality at the end of the 70s, “Polysexuality” quickly evolved into a more complex and iconoclastic project whose intent was to do away with recognized genders altogether, considered far too limitative. The project landed somewhere between humor, anarchy, science-fiction, utopia and apocalypse. In the few years that it took to put it together, it also evolved from a joyous schizo concept to a darker, neo-Lacanian elaboration on the impossibility of sexuality. The tension between the two, occasionally perceptible, is the theoretical subtext of the issue. Upping the ante on gender distinctions, “Polysexuality” started by blowing wide open all sexual classifications, inventing unheard-of categories, regrouping singular features into often original configurations, like Corporate Sex, Alimentary Sex, Soft or Violent Sex, Discursive Sex, Self- Sex, Animal Sex, Child Sex, Morbid Sex, or Sex of the Gaze. Mixing documents, interviews, fiction, theory, poetry, psychiatry and anthropology, “Polysexuality” became the encyclopedia sexualis of a continent that is still emerging. What it displayed in all its forms could be called, broadly speaking, the Sexuality of Capital. (Actually the issue being rather hot, it was decided to cool it off somewhat by only using “capitals” throughout the issue. It was also the first issue for which we used the computer).
Includes work by Alain Robbe-Grillet, Félix Guattari, Paul Verlaine, William S.Burroughs, Georges Bataille, Pierre Klossowski, Roland Barthes, Paul Virilio, Peter Lamborn Wilson, and more.


Fiction First Edition Paperback 348 pages 17 x 10 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 20 out of stock

K.D., Headless, Sternberg Press, 2015

When workaday author John Barlow is asked to ghostwrite a novel about secretive tax havens, he assumes the job will be straightforward. Then he learns that his employers, Swedish conceptual artist duo Goldin+Senneby, want him to investigate Headless Ltd, a shadowy company with possible links to French philosopher Georges Bataille, famed for his fixation with human sacrifice. Barlow travels to Nassau, the mecca of offshore finance, to uncover the plot. He is not alone. A beautiful, mysterious woman is also seeking the truth about Headless—and about Barlow. One day the ghostwriter is happily posting to his travel blog; the next he is implicated in the decapitation of a police officer, consumed by the dark world of covert capitalism and secret societies. Barlow’s probing becomes desperate. The more he grasps at the threads of the labyrinthine plot, the closer he comes to madness.

Fiction First Edition Softcover 380 pages Texts in French   New       EUR 25 out of stock

Guillaume Dustan, Oeuvres I: Dans ma chambre; Je sors ce soir; Plus fort que moi, P.O.L., 2013

Mort à trente-neuf ans, Guillaume Dustan (1965-2005) laisse une œuvre dont l’aspect provocateur n’a pas facilité la transmission. La dispersion de ses écrits entre plusieurs éditeurs et l’évolution spectaculaire de son écriture et de sa pensée ont brouillé son image. À la suite d’Hervé Guibert, Guillaume Dustan est un des grands autobiographes de notre temps. Il fallait, pour saisir l’importance de ses livres, une édition complète. Ce premier volume des Œuvres, qui sera suivi de deux autres, regroupe la première trilogie parue aux éditions P.O.L entre 1996 et 1998, Dans ma chambre, Je sors ce soir et Plus fort que moi.

Cette édition accompagnée d’une préface, d’une présentation et de notes pour chaque texte, est dirigée par Thomas Clerc.

Fiction First Edition Paperback 164 pages Texts in English   Normal used condition       EUR 60 out of stock

Yayoi Kusama, hustlers grotto – three novellas, Wandering Mind Books, 1998

The Hustlers Grotto of Christopher Street
Foxgloves of Central Park
Death Smell Acacia

«Like her painting and collages, sculpture, environments and happenings that are now icons of the 1960s, her writing is hallucinatory, structured by repetition, and obsessed with sexual imagery that is violent, fantastic and laughable all at once. (...) Her novels and poetry have acquired cult status in Japan's literary vanguard since Manhattan Suicide Addict, her autobiographical novel of life as an artist in downtown New York, was first published in 1978. (...) This volume presents three of Kusama's most well-known novellas superbly translated by Ralph F. McCarthy.» (extract of the book's afterword by Alexandra Munroe, 1997.)

Fiction First Edition Hardcover with dust jacket 167 pages Texts in English   Very good condition       EUR 25 ORDER

Jeanette Winterson, Sexing the Cherry, Bloomsbury, 1989

“Every journey conceals another journey within its lines; the path not taken and the forgotten angle. (...) The pineapple arrived today. Jordan carried it in his arms as though it were a yellow baby. With the wisdom of Solomon he prepared to slice it in two.“

In the reign of Charles the Second, the first pineapple came to England. Who brought it and why? Pineapples as metaphor is not the only fruit to be both real and imaginary. This is a story which ebulliently rejects any single reading of history or life and revels in the multiplicity of truth and time.

Fiction First Edition Softcover 53 pages 23 x 17 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 14 ORDER

Peter Wächtler, The Set, (SIC), Etablissement d'en face, 2011

The book describes the film set of "Valkyrie", the most recent film on the failed attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler by leading generals of the German Army in 1944. The main figure in the plot is Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg impersonated by Tom Cruise, which caused a public dispute on his suitability to play the role concerning his Scientology membership, his sunny action image and his somewhat American aura commented by an offended German actor, who was turned down for the main role. Mainly the text depicts four days at the Valkyrie Set in summer 2007 from the perspective of a military extra, meeting colleagues, set hierarchy, stardom and disenchanted freelancing labour.

Born 1979 in Hannover, Peter Wächtler lives and works in Brussels and Berlin.

Fiction Soft cover, perfect binding 276 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 22 out of stock

Kathy Acker, Pussy, King of the Pirates, Grove Press, 1996

Loosely related to Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic Treasure Island, Pussy, King of the Pirates is a grrrl pirate story that journeys from the most famous whorehouse in Alexandria though an unidentified, crumbling city that may or may not be sometime in the future, to Brighton Town, England, and, finally, to a ship headed toward Pirate Island, where the stories converge and the vision ends.

Ransacking world history, literature, and language itself to speak to the current zeitgeist, Pussy, King of the Pirates is the literary analogue to the wild girl energy that dominates our rock and roll culture in the 1990s. A daring and passionate litany of disparate narratives and voices, poetry and prose, words and images, Kathy Acker’s newest novel is perhaps her most subversive to date. Her meditations on love, sex, death, and art have made her a writer like no one else working today.

Fiction Soft cover, perfect binding 165 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 24 out of stock

Kathy Acker, Blood and Guts in High School, Grove Press, 2000

Jamey lived in the locked room. Twice a day the Persian slave trader came in and taught her to be a whore. Otherwise there was nothing. Once day she found a pencil stub and scrap of paper in a forgotten corner of the room. She began to write down he life, starting with Parents stink (Her father, who is also her boyfriend, has fallen in love with another woman and is about to leave her). With Blood and Guts in High School, Kathy Acker, whose work has been labeled everthing from post-punk porn to post-punk feminism, has created a brilliantly subversive narrative built from conversation, description, conjecture, and moments snatched from history and literature.

Fiction New edition Hardcover 288 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 17 ORDER

Chris Kraus, I Love Dick, Tuskar Rock Press, 2015

When Chris Kraus, an unsuccessful artist pushing 40, spends an evening with a rogue academic named Dick, she falls madly and inexplicably in love, enlisting her husband in her haunted pursuit. Dick proposes a kind of game between them, but when he fails to answer their letters Chris continues alone, transforming an adolescent infatuation into a new form of philosophy. Blurring the lines of fiction, essay and memoir, Chris Kraus's novel was a literary sensation when it was first published in 1997 by Semiotex(e). 

Fiction Soft cover, perfect binding 125 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 23 ORDER

Lucy McKenzie, Alan Michael, Unlawful Assembly, Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, 2015

Unlawful Assembly is a collection of interrelated short stories by the artists Lucy McKenzie and Alan Michael. First published in a limited edition, it was intended as a cheap holiday read to entertain summer visitors to the Mediterranean island of Stromboli, and as a site-specific work.

Fiction First Edition Softcover 128 pages 17 x 11 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 14 ORDER

Richard Hawkins, Fragile Flowers, Les presses du réel, 2013

“Everywhere dark-eyed incredibly handsome college-age youths with fresh haircuts and unshaved chins approached with ebullient grins to offer, with corny charming salutations and flirting flattering winks, any and every service: “Ya'll'd like a beer on the house mister?”“

Richard Hawkins' first book of fiction: eight jubilatory and decadent short stories.


Fiction First Edition Softcover 256 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 21 ORDER

Chris Kraus, Summer of Hate, Semiotext(e), 2012

Waking up from the chilling high of a near-death sex game, Catt Dunlop travels to Albuquerque in 2005 to reinvest some windfall real-estate gains and reengage with something approximating “real life.” Aware that the critical discourse she has used to build her career as a visiting professor and art critic is really a cipher for something else, she hopes that buying and fixing slum buildings will bring her more closely in touch with American life than the essays she writes.

In Albuquerque, she becomes romantically involved with Paul Garcia, a recently sober ex-con who has just served sixteen months in state prison for defrauding Halliburton Industries, his former employer, of $873. Almost forty years old, Paul is highly intelligent but has only been out of New Mexico twice. He has no information. With Catt’s help, he makes plans to attend UCLA, only to be arrested on a ten-year-old bench warrant en route.

Fiction First Edition Paperback 350 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 40 ORDER

Tom Gidley, Stunning Lofts, Metronome Press, 2005

“There are many beautiful places in the world, and a few of them belong to me. A street in a village near Bari, every surface whitewashed to dazzling affect on a Mediterranean summer's day. The lighthouse at the tip of a tiny Welsh peninsula, approached in a small boat at dawn under cover of rolling black clouds. That inlet from the sea somewhere on the south west coast of Sweden that suddenly becomes a twisting stream set in dense woodland, lined by a scattering of modernist houses. These are some of mine. I think about them and the others quite often, to keep them with me and not allow them to fade away.“

Two nameless protagonists talk about their lives in a series of alternating short chapters. Unaware of each other, and speaking from two different periods of time in London (one an office worker in the mid nineties, the other a homeless man shortly after the turn ofthe new millenium) their very different experiences begin to overlap and mirror each others’ in various ways. Both reach a point of crisis and their lives draw inexorably closer together, leading to a tragic and unexpected conclusion.

Metronome Press is a not-for-profit collective run by Clémentine Deliss and Thomas Boutoux in Paris. It was founded in 2005 and it has to be considered as an extension of the research of Metronome No.9, based on the international history of avant-garde publishing in Paris and its productive intersection between art and literature.

Fiction, Periodical Edition of 200 Soft cover, perfect binding Texts in English   New       EUR 15 ORDER

Erika Landström, Aislinn McNamara, Dysfyction II, Mark von Schlegell, Pure Fiction seminar, 2015

With contributions by Josef Strau, Olga Pedan, Ellen Yeon Kim, Simon Spieser, Aislinn McNamara, Hilda Stammarnäs, Erika Landström, Dan Graham, Mariana Lopez, Anna Zacharoff, Reece York, Dan Kwon, Dario Wokurka, Magnus Andersen, Rosa Aiello, Elif Saydam, Lena Phillip, John Miller, Buck Ellison, Luzie Meyer, Suart Middleton, Ryan Karlsson, Franziska Wildt, Mahsa Saloor, J.s. Teixeira, Thy-Han Nguyen-Chi, George Rippon, Ian Edmonds, Mikhail Wassmer, John Ryan, Julien Nguyen, Yuki Kushino, Kitsum Cheng and Leda Bourgogne.

Fiction First Edition Softcover 288 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 21 ORDER

Mark Von Schlegell, Mercury Station, Semiotext(e), 2009

It is 2150. Eddard J. Ryan was born in a laboratory off Luna City, an orphan raised by the Black Rose Army, a radical post-Earth Irish revolutionary movement. But his first bombing went wrong and he’s been stuck in a borstal on Mercury for decades. System Space has collapsed and most of human civilization with it, but Eddie Ryan and his fellow prisoners continue to suffer the remote-control domination of the borstal and its condescending central authority, the qompURE MERKUR, programmed to treat them as adolescents. Yet things could be worse. With little human supervision, the qompURE can be fooled. There’s food and whiskey, and best of all, the girl of Eddie Ryan’s dreams, his long-time friend and comrade Koré McAllister, is in the same prison. When his old boss, rich and eccentric chrononaut Count Reginald Skaw shows up in orbit with an entire interstation cruiser at his disposal, there’s even the possibility of escape... back in time.

Fiction Paperback 18 x 11 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 18 out of stock

Simon Bill, BRAINS, Mute Publishing Ltd, 2011

“The unnamed narrator of Brains is a drunken and dissolute painter. He gets a job as artist-in-residence at the opulent Norman Neurological Institute in central London, but only because all the other short-listed applicants turn it down. Among the patients he encounters he is impressed, in particular, by the sublimely attractive yet mysterious Emily, who cannot remember anything for more than 15 minutes at a time. He is smitten, yet, even for him, the ethics of bedding someone who cannot give credible consent are dubious.“

Simon Bill is a contemporary British artist. He lives and works in Sheffield, UK.

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