Comics Second Edition Staple-bound 34 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 15 ORDER

Julien Ceccaldi, Human Furniture, self-published, 2017

Hi, I'm Francis.

Tonight we are celebrating my big return!
I was away for a long time, visiting my parents, figuring some stuff out...

These are my friends !
The blond one is Caroline, she always gets what she wants...

Comics Edition of 60 copies Zine 12 pages 24 x 17 cm Texts in French   New       EUR 10 ORDER

Hugo Baud, Une Affaire, auto-publié, 2017

"Quand on n'est pas à la hauteur de ce qui nous est confié."

Comics First Edition Hardcover 42 pages Texts in French   New       EUR 30 ORDER

Hugo Baud, Madonna, auto-publié, 2015

Madonna est une bande-dessinée de Hugo Baud qui relate les aléas de la vie sentimentale d'un jeune personnage, à l'effigie d'un chien. 

« Dans la ville, des fois, rien n'est clair. La vie lui était tombée dessus. »

Comics First Edition Hardcover 32 x 25 cm Texts in French   Very good condition       EUR 350 out of stock

Nicholas Devil, Saga de Xam, Eric Losfeld, 1967

Avec un scénario écrit par le réalisateur Jean Rollin et des illustrations de Nicholas Devil, cette bande-dessinée culte fut publiée en 1967 par Éric Losfeld. C'est l'histoire fantastique de Saga, une jeune fille de la planète Xam à la peau bleue. Un exemple séminal de bande-dessinée psychédélique, qui aborde un certain nombre de problématiques culturelles de la fin des années 1960. 


Comics First Edition Hardcover 68 pages Texts in French   Bottom left corner is rubbed
o/w Fine
      EUR 280 ORDER

Caza, Kris Kool, Eric Losfeld, 1970

Kris Kool is the first book of French comic-artist Caza.
Kris is an adventurer without a misson. Hanging out in shady bar, he is been proposed a job by Gwine, a Mercurian with no qualms: to resell Corolle, a flower-woman from Venus. But as soon as he meets her, Kris falls in love with Corolle, and attempts to escape with her. 

Amazing pyschedelic graphic novel. Check out spreads: herehere & here

Very rare item!


Comics First Edition Softcover Texts in English and Japanese   Very good condition       EUR 72 out of stock

Eizin Suzuki, On The Sunny Street, CBS/SONY Publishing Inc., 1982

Stunning comic book by Eizin Suzuki (illustrations) and Yoshio Kataoka (words). In Japanese, with English Translation.

Comics First Edition Fanzine 36 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 8 out of stock

Brian Blomerth, The Book of Worzil, The PupsinTroublePress, 2013

Mini comic: Rejected Cartoons from the New Yorker Magazine.

Artist's book, Comics First Edition Staple-bound 58 pages 22 x 14 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 17 out of stock

Julien Ceccaldi, Comics Collection 2010–2013, 2013

the title says it all!

Comics First Edition Hardcover 92 pages 18 x 14 cm Texts in English   Normal used condition       EUR 35 out of stock

Hal Foster, The Minks' Cry, Bay Press, 1982

Children book by Hal Foster, with picture by Milo Mottola

Bay Press is the most significant independent press in Seattle's history. The only local rival to Bay Press may be Fantagraphics Books, which has been publishing comics and graphic novels from its offices in Lake City since 1976.
Bay Press was born in New York City, when Thatcher decided to publish Hal Foster's book, A Mink's Cry, a children's story.

"And then," Thatcher says, "Hal had this other idea." That idea was the book The Anti-Aesthetic: Essays on Postmodern Culture. "The children's book," explains Hal Foster, "was more of a lark. I mean, I think he [Thatcher] wanted to get into publishing, and it was an easy enough first book to attempt. I'm very grateful that he did it, but it's funny, I don't think many people know that I ever did a kids' book."

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