Source Book Second Edition Staple-bound 50 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 10 out of stock

Annwen, Herbal Abortion, Godhaven Ink, 2002

Since before recorded history women have been able to control their own fertility using plants. Whether it be for increasing the chances of conceiving, contraception, abortion or starting delayed periods, women have known how to listen to their bodies and affect them. It’s only fairly recently that we’ve given over all knowledge of our bodies to medical professionals.

Source Book First Edition Softcover 78 pages Texts in French   Very good condition       EUR 20 out of stock

René de Solier, Curandera: les champignons hallucinogènes, Jean-Jacques Pauvert, 1965

“Depuis 1955, années des agapes fungiques ou fongiques, au Mexique, en pays mazatèque, agapes auxquelles participèrent deux savants mycologues, les Wasson, sous la direction de l'étonnante curandera (qui connait le secret des herbes) ou chamane, Maria Sabina, de Huautla de Jimenez, l'expérience des champignons hallucinogènes, dans les conditions voulues et requises (par ou selon les espèces, leur répartition, les conditions de cueillette, le temps, la saison, le rituel, la “chamane“), poursuit et en dehors des publications savantes ne fait pas encore le tour du “mystère“, comme laissé dans l'ombre, on se demande pourquoi: telle relation entre “Mets ou breuvages“, et Mystères, entre le cru, le vif, absorbé, ingéré, et le fait de voir.“

Source Book First Edition Hardcover with dust jacket in boxset 305 pages 37 x 27 cm Texts in English and Japanese   Small humidity stains on the inside covers
o/w as new
Dust jacket in perfect condition
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Shigekatsu Nakada, Living Interiors Japan 1980–1985, Toso Publishing, 1985

Beautiful book with hundreds of illustration focusing on Japanese architecture and interior design of the early 1980s.

Houses of Japan: compositions, natural and artificial illumination, colour, materials, japanese traditional style, neo japanesque, folklore, furniture and objects, children rooms..

Criticism/Theory, Source Book First Edition Soft cover, perfect binding 408 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 25 out of stock

Julie Ault, Alternative Art New York, 1965–1985, University Of Minnesota Press, The Drawing Center, 2003

By the mid-1960s, New York's art establishment-its major museums and galleries-had ceased to reflect the city's diversity and had largely ignored the decade's social, political, and cultural ferment. In response, marginalized artists created an oppositional network of organizations, exhibit spaces, and cooperative galleries that both paralleled and challenged the status quo. This alternative art movement flourished for more than two decades, repositioning New York at the center of international contemporary art. Alternative Art New York brings together a diverse group of artists and critics to explore the origins and evolution of this diffuse and vibrant cultural scene from a variety of perspectives: political, philosophical, organizational, economic, and aesthetic.
Locating the movement within both the art world and its larger social and political context, these authors decipher the shifting configurations of cultural power in this period and the complex relationship between the mainstream and the marginal. With a unique, annotated chronology of the alternative art scene from 1965 to 1985, and illustrated with 150 images of key works, installations, and exhibits; reproductions of posters, communiqués, and other ephemera; and photographs of protests and meetings, this volume is an important work of contemporary art history and a valuable sourcebook that suggests the basis for the return of an artist-driven cultural economy.
Contributors: Martin Beck, Juli Carson, Jim Cornwell, David Deitcher, Arlene Goldbard, Miwon Kwon, Lucy R. Lippard, Alan Moore, Brian Wallis

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