Artist's book, Monograph Hardcover 296 pages 31 x 25 cm Texts in English         EUR 49 ORDER

Ray Johnson, Pop Heart School Ray Johnson Taoist, Karma

Pioneer of mail art and an early participant in both the Pop and Fluxus movements, Ray Johnson created complex, punning works that ingeniously combine text and image, celebrity culture and art history, wit and melancholy. Figures such as Mickey Mouse, Elvis Presley, James Dean, Michael Jackson and Calvin Klein models populate his many collages. In the 20 years since his death, Johnson's work has become an increasingly accurate depiction of our fragmented and overstimulated society. This compendium includes 296 colour reproductions of collages, drawings, interventions and other ephemera from Johnson's estate.

Exhibition catalogue, Monograph 220 pages 25 x 18 cm Texts in Portuguese / English   New       EUR 35 ORDER

Joao Ribas, Delfim Sardo, SPLITTING, CUTTING, WRITING, DRAWING, EATING… GORDON MATTA-CLARK, Fundação de Serralves , Fundação CGD - Culturgest, 2017

Gordon Matta-Clark (1943-1978) is one of the most influential artists of the 1970s, whose work has continued to be a noted influence of both architects and visual artists since. SPLITTING, CUTTING, WRITING, DRAWING, EATING…GORDON MATTA-CLARK  surveys the constructive and destructive verbs that defined his relation to art and architecture, featuring correspondence, drawings, photographs, notebooks, and films related to the artist's key projects, drawn from the archive of the Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montréal.  Along with his major building cuts from 1973 to 1978, in which laboriously cut holes into floors of abandoned or disused buildings, including A W-Hole House, Conical Intersect, Day’s End, and Splitting (1974), the exhibition also explores his interest in metabolic and cooking processes, including his restaurant Food (1971); his play with language and the syntax of voids, gaps, and abandoned spaces;  and the use of drawing as a mode of thinking through space.The exhibition will focus on these social and creative aspects of Matta-Clark´s conception of architecture, or as he put it, "making space without building it,".

Exhibition catalogue, Monograph Hardcover 183 pages 24 x 17 cm Texts in English / German   Used cover       EUR 90 ORDER

Coll., Jutta Koether, Kunsthalle Bern, DuMont Literatur, 2006

Jutta Koether's translucent color fields, expressive brushstrokes and female subjects--as well as her use of poetry, art history and Mylar--can make her seem like a feminist answer to the Cologne art scene, a counterpart to artists like Martin Kippenberger, Sigmar Polke and Albert Oehlen. In fact, she is a central contemporary painter in her own right, as well as a performance artist, a musician and a critic. She collaborates musically with Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon and Television's Tom Verlaine, contributes regularly to Artforumand the respected German culture magazine Spex, and teaches in Bard College's MFA program--and has recently shown her work at Reena Spaulings Fine Art and Thomas Erben Gallery in New York. Koether's work, which the New York Timeshas called "vibrant" and "intriguing," was a standout in the 2006 Whitney Biennial. This look back documents the artist's oeuvre from the mid-80s forward, with an extensive selection of images.

Monograph First Edition Hardcover 78 pages 31 x 24 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 28 ORDER

René Daniëls, René Daniëls - Works from 2006 to 2017, Roma Publications, 2018

In his works on canvas created over the past twelve years, René Daniëls often returns to his paintings from the period before 1987. He adopts ciphers deriving from these works but uses them to develop a different, unprecedented language. Changing pictorial constellations express an existential situation of non-communication and isolation but are also pushed beyond these limits into a realm of extraordinary painterly possibilities. The present publication accompanies an exhibition of René Daniëls’s work from 2006 to 2017 at Reset in Borgloon, Belgium, curated by Ulrich Loock, who's also the editor of this book. It marks the first time that the paintings Daniëls has produced since his devastating stroke in 1987 have been presented as a substantial and autonomous body of work.

Monograph Softcover 226 pages 32 x 24 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 80 ORDER

Oscar Tuazon, I Can't See, DoPe Press, 2010

The first comprehensive monograph on the work of American artist Oscar Tuazon, covering the first decade of his career.

I Can’t See is co-published with Paraguay Press and features over 250 pages of images of works, documents, and archives articulating three solo exhibitions organized in 2009 and 2010 at the Centre international d’art et du paysage de l’île de Vassivière (France); the Kunsthalle Bern (Switzerland) and the Parc Saint Léger – Centre d’art contemporain (France).

It also features a series of texts by Ariana Reines, Matthew Stadler, Cedar Sigo, Karl Holmqvist, Thomas Boutoux, Carissa Rodriguez, Eileen Myles and David Lewis as well as a long interview with the artist conducted by Chiara Parisi, Philippe Pirotte, and Sandra Patron, the respective curators of the solo exhibitions.

Exhibition catalogue, Monograph Hardcover 34 x 25 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 48 ORDER

Corita Kent, International Signal Code Alphabet, Atelier Éditions, 2018

Radical American artist, educator and once-devout Catholic nun, Corita Kent’s provocative serigraphy has entranced audiences for over four decades. Originally completed in 1968, Kent’s Signal Code Alphabet, encompasses a series of 26 kaleidoscopic serigraphs integrating scripture, typography, image, icon, and the maritime flags of the International Code of Signals. As 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of both the series’ completion, and the centennial of Kent’s birth, the celebratory publication reproduces for the first time, Kent’s International Signal Code Alphabet within fine art monograph format.


Artists' writings, Monograph Texts in English   New       EUR 36 out of stock

Robert Filliou, The Secret of Permanent Creation, Mousse Publishing, M HKA, Editions Lebeer Hossmann, 2017

Articulé autour d'un entretien au long cours entre Robert Filliou et Irmeline Lebeer (lui-même structuré en abécédaire allant des termes « amitié » à « zen »), ce catalogue, illustré de nombreuses reproductions d'œuvres et d'images d'archives, constitue une rétrospective complète de l'œuvre plastique du poète, dramaturge, artiste et penseur français, figures clé, parmi les plus influentes, de l'art de la seconde moitié du XXe siècle.

Monograph, Photography Hardcover 25 x 30 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 48 ORDER

Tom Wood, WOMEN'S MARKET, Stanley Barker, 2018

Between 1978 and 1999 British photographer Tom Wood spent his Saturday mornings at Great Homer Street Market, a retail market, just far enough outside the centre of Liverpool for it to have it’s own unique, more relaxed identity. Complete with his Leica and out of date film, Wood made vibrant and real photographs of the shoppers as they hunted for bargains and met up with friends and family.

“I was first introduced to Great Homer Street market in 1975, by a girlfriend with family in Dingle, Liverpool. At that time, I bought two double breasted Worsted wool three piece suits and a three buttoned pin stripe suit with turn ups, for a total of four pounds. I thought, “what a great market!” It was vast then down both sides of the street, but by the time I began to photograph the second-hand clothes had all but disappeared. Yet the market was still crowded with the same mothers and daughters who for generations had frequented “Greatie” - Tom Wood

Monograph Hardcover 195 pages Texts in Deutsh         EUR 31 ORDER

Yilmaz Dziewior, Beatrix Ruf, Sarah Lucas, Kunsthalle Zürich, Kunstverein in Hamburg, Tate Liverpool, 2005

Monograph Softcover 96 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 18 out of stock

Hanneke Skerath (ed.), Mike Kelley: Fortress of Solitude, Roma Publications, 2018

Looking at the play between memory and forgetfulness, Mike Kelley: Fortress of Solitude brings together a range of key works from across the artist's career. Whether using found stuffed animals as emotional effigies of long lost traumatic memories, or evoking the psychic existential homelessness of Superman in the form of his Kandor series, Mike Kelley explores the dark underbelly of post-war American culture. This publication accompanies the exhibition that took place at the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens, curated by Douglas Fogle

Monograph First Edition Softcover 304 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 42 out of stock

Introducing Tony Conrad: A Retrospective, Koenig Books, 2018

Throughout his six-decade career, Tony Conrad (1940–2016) forged a unique path through numerous artistic movements and a vast range of cultural forms—from Fluxus to rock music, from structural film to public access television. Published on the occasion of the first large-scale museum survey devoted to works Conrad presented in museum and gallery settings, this richly illustrated catalogue offers an in-depth introduction to Conrad's life and career.

Including new texts and Conrad's own writings about selected works dating from 1966 to 2016, Introducing Tony Conrad surveys the artist's work in painting, sculpture, film, video, performance and installation. It includes the artist's early structural films; projects in which he treated film as a sculptural and performative material; his series of Invented Acoustical Tools, presented as sculptures themselves; his ambitious films about power relations, set in the military and in prison; and his final sculptures and installations, which evoke and critique what he perceived as an emerging culture of surveillance, control and containment. The list of contributors testifies to Conrad's wide and lasting influence; this volume includes texts by Constance DeJong, Diedrich Diederichsen, Anthony Elms, Branden W. Joseph, Tony Oursler and Christopher Williams, among many others.

Monograph Hardcover Texts in English   New       EUR 71 out of stock

Emma Kunz, Artist, Researcher, Healer, Emma Kunz Zentrum, 2017

"My Art is destined for the 21st Century". This prediction by Emma Kunz dates from 1941. On the threshold of the new century, it inspired the publication of a comprehensive monograph on the life and work of this visionary woman.

Kunz was born to a family of weavers in 1892 in Switzerland. She was not a trained artist; she is characterized as an outsider artist. Her first exhibition, The Case of Emma Kunz, was posthumous. Inspired by spiritual evolution, she divined with a pendulum and created her drawings by radiesthesia.

Said one scholar, in comparing her to other women artists, "Hilma af Klint, Agnes Martin, and Emma Kunz approached geometric abstraction not as formalism, but as a means of structuring philosophical, scientific, and spiritual ideas. Using line, geometry, and the grid, each of these artists created diagrammatic drawings of their exploration of complex belief systems and restorative practices."

Feminism, Monograph 232 pages 24 x 17 cm Texts in French   New       EUR 34 out of stock

Judy Chicago, Through the Flower – Mon combat d’artiste femme, Les presses du réel, 2018

Première traduction française de l'autobiographie-manifeste de Judy Chicago, artiste américaine iconique et pionnière du mouvement féministe en art aux États-Unis, parue en 1975.

«Through the Flower a été mon premier livre (depuis, j'en ai publié neuf autres). J'ai été encouragée à l'écrire par l'auteure et diariste Anaïs Nin, qui a été mon mentor au début des années 1970. Lorsque j'ai écrit cette autobiographie, je l'ai pensée comme un genre de guide d'introduction pour les jeunes femmes artistes, susceptible de les aider dans leur développement. En retraçant mon propre combat, j'espérais leur épargner l'inexorable tourment de « réinventer l'eau chaude », car mes études sur l'histoire des femmes m'ont appris que c'est ce que font les femmes, toujours et encore, en particulier car nous n'avons pas accès aux expériences et aux avancées de nos prédécesseurs féminines – une conséquence du fait que nous continuons d'apprendre l'histoire de l'art et l'histoire tout court, sous un angle de vision masculin, intégrant trop peu les réussites de personnalités féminines. Je dois reconnaître que lorsque je relis Through the Flower, je tressaille devant tant d'honnêteté sans fard ; mais en même temps, je suis heureuse que mon jeune « moi » ait eu le courage de parler avec une telle franchise de ma vie et de mon travail. Je doute être capable, aujourd'hui, de réanimer la candeur qui imprègne ce livre et reflète une confiance absolue dans l'accueil que le monde réserverait à des révélations si dénuées de conscience de soi. Et pourtant, c'est précisément cela qui donne son atmosphère particulière au livre, l'atmosphère des années 1970, où nous étions si nombreuses et nombreux à croire que nous pourrions changer le monde, dans le bon sens, un objectif qui a été – comme a dit l'une de mes amies – « violenté par la réalité ». Cependant, un espoir exagérément idéaliste d'améliorer le monde vaut mieux que l'acceptation cynique du statu quo. Au moins, avons-nous essayé – et je continue d'essayer. Peutêtre suis-je de toute façon trop vieille, désormais, pour changer.» Judy Chicago

Exhibition catalogue, Monograph 70 pages Texts in English   Good condition       EUR 54 ORDER

Robert Morris, The Felt Works, Grey Art Gallery and Study Center, 1989

Ce livre provient de la collection de Pascal Doury. Plus d'infos ici.


Exhibition catalogue, Monograph Texts in German & French   Good condition       EUR 48 ORDER

Martin Kippenberger, Catalogue, Villa Arson, 1990

Catalogue d’une exposition de Martin Kippenberger à la Villa Arson en 1990, avec un texte de A. R. Penck (“Pauvre Martin, ou comment peut-on être Persan?”) et une introduction de Christian Bernard (“La sycophante et l’histrion”).

Ce livre provient de la collection de Pascal Doury. Plus d'infos ici.


Monograph First Edition Softcover 64 pages Texts in English and Japanese   Good condition       EUR 60 ORDER

Mike Kelley, Mike Kelley. Photographs Sculptures., Wako Works of Art, 2009

Published on the occasion of the 2009 exhibition Mike Kelley: Photographs / Sculptures at Wako Works of Art in Tokyo, this catalogue features full color illustrations of six never before shown photographic series and a new body of sculptural works. A number of self-portraits from 1987 mimic turn-of-the-century spiritualist photography, and depict Kelley exuding "ectoplasm" in the form of cotton and smoke from different parts of his head. A subsequent series of photographs shot through a Vaseline-coated lens features dancer and choreographer Anita Pace enveloping her nude body in scarves embellished with Irish-American and Heavy Metal iconography, a reference both to Vaseline's function as a sexual lubricant and to the soft-focus, romantic symbolism of early pictorialist photography. These are followed by a 1996 series depicting sinister-looking amorphous globules and puddles, photographs that Kelley sees as "overt attempts at applying the aesthetics of of painterly biomorphic abstraction to photography". Kelley's new body of sculptures, entitled "Kandors", recreates different versions of the futuristic city rendered in the Superman comic books. Also featured is an essay written by Kelley to accompany the exhibition, and a number of poetic texts printed alongside the photographs.

Exhibition catalogue, Monograph First Edition Softcover 240 pages Texts in Deutsch         EUR 45 ORDER

Ana Mendieta, Ana Mendieta. Traces., Hatje Cantz, 2013

Voller Einfallsreichtum und Provokationslust schuf Ana Mendieta (1948 1985) während ihres kurzen Lebens ein innovatives und radikales Werk, in dem sie ihren Körper mit elementaren Stofflichkeiten wie Blut, Feuer, Erde oder Wasser verband und in Performances zu organischen Skulpturen formte. Leben, Tod, Wiedergeburt und spirituelle Wandlung sind zentrale Sujets im Schaffen der Künstlerin, die, in Kuba geboren, früh nach Amerika geschickt, an den Brüchen des Exildaseins und kultureller Heimatlosigkeit litt. Ihre »earth-body works« sind von mysteriös-poetischer Anmutung. In der Symbiose mit der Natur wird ihr Körper zur gespenstischen Silhouette aus tobenden Flammen oder schäumenden Wellen. Gottheiten erscheinen in Sand gemalt, auf Stein geritzt oder in Erde gezeichnet. Neben Zeichnungen, Foto- und Filmarbeiten werden erstmals Schriften und Originaldokumente der Künstlerin veröffentlicht. Ausstellung: Hayward Gallery, London 24.9. 15.12.2013 | Museum der Moderne Salzburg 29.3. 6.7.2014

Monograph First Edition Softcover 94 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 15 ORDER

Maria Eichhorn, 5 weeks, 25 days, 175 hours, 2016

This publication was produced on the occasion of Maria Eichhorn’s exhibition '5 weeks, 25 days, 175 hours' at Chisenhale Gallery, 23 April - 29 May 2016.

Monograph Hardcover 406 pages 25 x 19 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 37 ORDER

Greg Parma Smith, My Ideas, JRP|Ringier, 2018

Conceived by Greg Parma Smith as an active archive, this artist’s book combines a selection of recent paintings, an extensive number of drawings (preparatory sketches, studies, simple patterns and designs, cartoons, notes, and doodles) realized by the artist from his youth years—when drawing was his favorite medium of expression—and three essays by long-time followers of Parma Smith’s practice, namely artist and writer John Miller, art critic Kari Rittenbach, and musician and singer Hunter Hunt-Hendrix. In a very generous way, the artist thus allows us to enter his personal universe and to understand his path to painting and artistic creation.

Monograph First Edition Soft cover, perfect binding 70 pages 30 x 22 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 25 ORDER

Andreas Dobler, Once Upon A Shine, Hacienda Books, 2014

“In my imagination I'm lord of the manor“

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Andreas Dobler – A Long Time Aglow at Hacienda, Zurich, Fall 2014. With a text by Arthur Fink.

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