Artist's book Softcover 106 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 60 ORDER

Kaspar Müller, Schätze der Erinnerung 2014–2015 / The Weather in Zurich, 2013–2014, Edition Société, 2015

Contains a conversation in two parts between John Beeson and Kaspar Müller held in December 2014 and in February 2015, alongside with Illusion against Revolution, a text by Tenzing Barshee, 2014.

Edited by John Beeson, designed by Verla Arbutina.
Winner of the Most Beautiful Swiss Books prize for the year 2015.

Periodical First Edition Softcover Texts in English / Deutsch   New       EUR 13 ORDER

Starship #14, Starship Magazine, 2016

Contributors: Tenzing Barshee, John Beeson, Bernadette Corporation, Gerry Bibby, Juliette Blightman, Mercedes Bunz, Lou Cantor, Mihaela Chiriac, Jay Chung, Anders Clausen, Friederike Clever, Hans-Christian Dany, Jimmy DeSana, Nikola Dietrich, Francesca Drechsler, Martin Ebner, Heike-Karin Föll, Wolfgang Gantner, Julian Göthe, Karl Holmqvist, Judith Hopf, Helena Huneke, Yuki Kimura, Jakob Kolding, Chris Kraus, Nicolas Linnert, Thomas Locher, Robert Meijer, Ariane Müller, Christopher Müller, Henrik Olesen, Kirsten Pieroth, Michael Pfrommer, Eileen Quinlan, Daniel Reuter, Nina Rhode, Mark von Schlegell, Heji Shin, Valerie Stahl von Stromberg, Ed Steck, Cheyney Thompson, Vera Tollmann, Taocheng Wang, Haytham El-Wardany, Amelie von Wulffen, Stephanie Wurster, Mark van Yetter and Florian Zeyfang. 

Periodical, Criticism/Theory Soft cover, perfect binding 155 pages Texts in French / English   New       EUR 22 ORDER

May #13, May Revue, 2014

“The art world, recently quite excited about theories of speculative realism, now brandishes the theoretical banners of the Anthropocene, even at the risk of some annoying misunderstandings. On the face of it, we can only be suspicious given that, in most instances, the only reference cited is limited to Paul Crutzen, a scientist who coined this neologism, which refers to joint human responsibility in the accelerated deterioration of planet Earth that will inevitably lead to the end of the world, at least the one we know. Fortunately, these debates seem to be heading in different if not politically opposite directions, distinguished from one another by the use of words such as Gaia, radical ecology, and ecosophy. (...)
What interests us in this issue is knowing how aesthetic and political fields may converge towards these issues of radical ecology, and around what types of forms and spaces—whether this involves producing a criticism of the new trends of an ecological life style, depicting filmic forms of eschatological narratives or embarking on a line of thinking about a possible epistemological revolution which would upset our relation to knowledge, and in particular affect historical, philosophical and sociological models, and, as a result, the current conditions of art production and reception.
We are very well aware of taking part, in our turn, in this endeavour to re-circulate a new theoretical current within the art system, and we have accordingly witnessed the way in which ways of thinking, ranging from activist to artistic, meet —two at times irreconcilable systems — which all share in common their quest to think about an outside, but without remaining outside.“

Issue #13 featuring contributions by Déborah Danowski, Stephanie Wakefield, Antek Walczak, Jenna Bliss, Elise Duryee-Browner, Damon Sfetsios, Alejandra Riera, Valentin Bourré & Mélanie Matranga, Daniel Horn, John Beeson, Karl Holmqvist, Édouard Montassut, Kerstin Stakemeier, Mica Ghergherscu, Jason Simon.

Criticism/Theory Soft cover, perfect binding 95 pages 18 x 11 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 17 ORDER

John Beeson, Cameron Rowland, Daniel Herleth, The New Document: Photography's concerns and returns., The New Document, 2013

'The New Document' is a book series initiated by John Beeson and Cameron Rowland, for which this publication serves as a prototype. For this installment, Daniel Herleth has also served as an editor.
This publication accompanied the exhibition 'Concerns and Returns' at the gallery, featuring work by Rowland and Herleth, which was organized by Beeson.

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