Criticism/Theory First Edition Soft cover, perfect binding 314 pages 21 x 14 cm Texts in English   Sun-faded
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Lucy Lippard, From the Center: Feminist Essays on Women's Art, E. P. Dutton, 1976

Introduction: Changing since changing.
General essays: Freelancing the dragon; Sexual politics: art style; Prefaces to catalogues of women's exhibitions; Household images in art; Fragments; What is female imagery?; Six; The L. A. Woman's Building; Making up: role-playing and transformation in women's art; Points of view: Stuart, De Mott, Jacquette, Graves; The pains and pleasures of rebirth: European and American women's body art; The women artists' movement - What next?
Monographs: Irene Siegel; Eva Hesse: The circle; Catalysis: an interview with Adrian Piper; Color at the edge: Jo Baer; Joan Mitchell; Hanne Darboven: Deep in numbers; Ree Morton: At the still point of the turning world; Jackie Winsor; Mary Miss: An extremely clear situation; Judy Chicago, talking to Lucy R. Lippard; Pandora; May Stevens' big daddies; Louise Bourgeois: From the inside out; Rosemarie Castoro: Working out; Faith Ringgold's Black, political, feminist art; Yvonne Rainer on feminism and her film; Distancing: the films of Nancy Graves; Camouflage: films by Holt and Horn
Fiction: Waterlay; Caveheart

Criticism/Theory reprint Softcover 272 pages 23 x 19 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 40 ORDER

Lucy Lippard, Overlay. Contemporary Art and the Art of Prehistory, The New Press, 1983

From the megalithic monuments of Stonehenge to Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty in the Great Salt Lake, from the matriarchal fertility rituals of the ancient Celts to Judy Chicago's Dinner Party, Overlay illuminates the converging interests of artists thousands of years ago and artists today. Leaving galleries to stage rituals in city streets, learning astronomy as well as anatomy, exchanging paint-brushed for bulldozers, recent artists are breaking down the barriers that isolate the art world and are looking back to times and places where art was inseparable from life.

Criticism/Theory Softcover 280 pages 21 x 15 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 16 ORDER

Cornelia Butler (ed.), From Conceptualism to Feminism: Lucy Lippard's Numbers Shows 1969–1974, Afterall, 2012

Four exhibitions of contemporary art curated by Lucy Lippard have become known as her 'numbers shows'. Each took the population of the city in which it was shown as its title: ‘557,087’ in Seattle, ‘955,000’ in Vancouver, ‘2,972,453’ in Buenos Aires and ‘c.7,500’ in Valencia, California, before touring the US and to London. This third title in the Exhibition Histories series examines the numbers shows and follows Lippard’s trajectory as critique and curator, tracing her growing political engagement and involvement with feminism. Extensive archival material is complemented by a new essay by Cornelia Butler and interviews with Lippard, Seth Siegelaub and exhibiting artists as well as critical responses written at the time by Peter Plagens and Griselda Pollock. The volume also includes an essay by Pip Day analysing artists’ initiatives in Argentina as a context for Lippard’s emerging political consciousness.

Periodical Softcover 122 pages Texts in English / Deutsch   New       EUR 12 ORDER

Starship # 13: Geld Alkohol Feminismus Sex, Starship Magazine, 2015

Contributors to Starship 13: David Antin, Julie Ault & Lucy R. Lippard on Nancy Spero, Monika Baer, Lars Bang Larsen, Tenzing Barshee, Gerry Bibby, Matthew Billings, Richard Birkett, Robert Bittenbender, Mercedes Bunz, David Bussel, Enzo Camacho, Lou Cantor, Jay Chung, Hans-Christian Dany, Liz Deschenes, Nikola Dietrich, Francesca Drechsler, Martin Ebner, Marte Eknæs, Rainer Ganahl, Karl Holmqvist, Chris Kraus, Jakob Kolding, Greer Lankton, Amy Lien, Ilya Lipkin, Mathieu Malouf, Robert McKenzie, Ariane Müller, Christopher Müller, Henrik Olesen, Monika Rinck, Ulla Rossek, Max Schmidtlein, Tobias Spichtig, Vera Tollmann, Peter Wächtler, Scott Cameron Weaver, Amelie von Wulffen, Stephanie Wurster, Florian Zeyfang

Editors: Nikola Dietrich, Ariane Müller, Martin Ebner, Henrik Olesen
Design: Dan Solbach, with Katerina Trakakis

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