Artist's book, Children's book New edition Hardcover 48 pages 22 x 20 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 25 out of stock

Mara Züst, Carolina Cerbaro, Christoph Elias Meier, Would you rather, Les presses du réel, 2017

Cet ouvrage est une réinterprétation du livre pour enfant de l'auteur et illustrateur anglais John Burningham paru en 1979, un livre d'images illustrant le jeu des préférences. Cette nouvelle adaptation comprend de fascinants dessins réalisés à partir de sable par l'artiste Carolina Cerbaro.

Carolina Cerbaro (née en 1976, vit et travaille à Zurich) est artiste et graphiste. Elle est spécialisée dans l'impression et la peinture murale Elle travaille également comme médiatrice.

Christoph Elias Meier (vit et travaille à Zurich) dirige le studio Il fait également partie de Wrongbrothers Inc.

Mara Züst (née en 1976, vit et travaille à Zurich) travaille en tant qu'artiste, médiatrice et chercheuse. Elle est la responsable de la succession Andreas Züst, responsable de la Bibliothek Andreas Züst à Oberegg en Suisse.

Monograph First Edition Softcover 212 pages 30 x 23 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 48 out of stock

Mara Züst, Simone Koller, Doris Stauffer: A Monograph, Scheidegger & Spiess, 2015

In addition to her contributions to art criticism, Doris Stauffer has produced an impressive body of artistic work that consists of photography, sculpture, and collage. The subject of exhibitions in her native Switzerland, Stauffer is among the founders of the F + F School of Experimental Design, and her explorations of form and color have long been recognized for engaging with feminism and the existing conventions and hierarchies within society.

With more than three hundred illustrations, Doris Stauffer documents for the first time the life and work of this important twentieth-century artist with a focus on her political engagement. Essays place Stauffer’s work in historical and political context, including her involvement with the Swiss women’s liberation movement and an interview in which the artist imagines alternative forms of feminism and art education. Additional essays look at the influence of Stauffer on other female artists, as well as some of the recurring themes in her art, including fairy tales and other forms of narration.

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