Criticism/Theory First Edition Softcover 160 pages 18 x 12 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 22 out of stock

Sakari Hänninen, Leena Paldán, Rethinking Ideology: A Marxist Debate, International General, 1983

"International Socialism-Discussion" 3. "Argument-Sonderband AS 84". An anthology of 36 critical Marxist and left texts re-thinking the theory of ideology as an increasingly central element in an analysis of late capitalist society as well as in a political project for its transformation. Based on the work of the research group "PIT" ("Projekt Ideologie-Theorie"), it contains the papers presented at the "International Seminar on Problems of Research on Ideology" held in Berlin dealing with highly conceptual problems as well as those on politics, education, aesthetics, fascism, and feminism.

Contributors include I. Bessenyei, J.-P. Cotton, W. Elfferding, W.F. Haug, F. Haug, T. Heilmann, K. Holzkamp, B. Johasen, M. Kitamura, E. Laclau, K.H. Ladeur, A. De Leeuw, T. Metscher, C. Mouffe, D. Némedi, R. Nemitz, A. Neusüss, S.A. Nohrstedt, M. Péchieux, J.M. Ripalda, K.R. Scherpe, H. Scholtz, R. Sharp, G. Therborn, & F.O. Wolf.

Criticism/Theory First Edition Softcover 202 pages 19 x 14 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 22 out of stock

Sakari Hänninen, Leena Paldán, Rethinking Marx, International General, 1984

"International Socialism-Discussion" 5. "Argument-Sonderband AS 109". An anthology of 51 critical Marxist and left texts re-thinking the ideas of Marx in function of the new forms and problems in the contemporary struggles for a truly liberated society. The texts were presented at the "Internationale Konferenz Aktualisierung Marx" held in Berlin, and deal with historical materialism, the State, economic and class analyses, culture and ideology, new social movements, politics and socialist perspectives, and the possible renewal of Marxism.

Contributors include D. Albers, J. Bayers, J. Bidet, Y.M. Bodemann, M. Von Brentano, F. Cerutti, J.-P. Cotton, A. Domènech, W. Elfferding, V. Gransow, F. Haug, W.F. Haug, T. Heilmann, J. Hirsch, P.J. Houtondji, M. Jäger, M. Kitamura, P. Kosonen, M. Krätke, G. Labica, E. Laclau, S.E. Liedemann, G. Lohmann, L. Marmora, J. Mehtonon, S. Mercier-Josa, G. Minnerupo, C. Mouffe, H.-P. Müller, R. Nemitz, C. Pasquinelle, V. Pietlä, K. Ruoff, M. Sagnol, D. Sasson, B. Sekulic, J. Sempere, R. Sharp, K.H. Tjaden, R. Winkerlmann, F.O. Wolf, & E. Wulff.

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