Criticism/Theory Fourth corrected and enlarged edition Softcover 120 pages 25 x 17 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 22 out of stock

Armand Mattelart, Ariel Dorfman, How to Read Donald Duck. Imperialist Ideology in the Disney Comic, International General, 1991

The classic, critical and humorous study of cultural imperialism and children's literature; how the Disney fantasy world reproduces the "American Dream" fantasy world, and the disastrous effect of Disney comics and other "mass" cultural merchandise on the development of the so-called "Third" World. In 1973 this work was banned and burned in Chile, and later the English edition was banned for more than a year by the US government. In comic book format with cartoon examples, introduction by David KUNZLE on the Disney world, a bibl of left writings on cultural imperialism and the comics, and an appendix by John Shelton LAWRENCE on the book's US censorship and the legal-political issues involved in the right to criticize Disney.

English translation, originally published in Spanish in Chile: Para Leer al Pato Donald, by Valparaiso in 1971. First English edition: 1975.

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