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Stephen Willats, How Tomorrow Looks From Here / Berlin Local, MD72, 2015

The exhibition ‘How Tomorrow Looks From Here’ focuses on the role of simulation in Stephan Willats' work. The interactive, participatory computer simulation ‘Free Zone’ (1997) and the installation ‘Imaginary Journey’ (2006) are shown together with a selection of diagrams that serve as the conceptual underpinnings and explanations to the works. In addition to his projects with social groups in urban settings Willats also pursues working methods more specifically linked to the gallery space. These often take the form of models or simulations of everyday situations that call for active participation from the exhibition visitors.

To coincide with ‘How Tomorrow Looks From Here’ in the daadgalerie, MD72, Berlin, is staging ‘Berlin Local’ by Stephen Willats, featuring the new work ‘Berlin Local’ that was made in the area around Mehringdamm street Berlin.

The publication accompanying the two shows ‘How Tomorrow Looks From Here / Berlin Local’ and contains texts by Philipp Ziegler, John Kelsey and Caroline Busta as well as interviews with Stephen Willats by Ariane Beyn and Marianna von Palombini.

Source Book First Edition Soft cover, perfect binding 255 pages 30 x 23 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 30 ORDER

John Kelsey, Aleksandra Mir, Corporate Mentality, Sternberg Press, 2003

Calling for a reassessment of the function of art in late capitalist society, Corporate Mentality focuses on the complex and ambiguous ways artistic production inhabits corporate processes, abandoning the autonomy of the artwork in order to elaborate resistant approaches to a world increasingly determined by commercial strategies and market concerns.
Based on an archive (1995–2001) maintained by Aleksandra Mir, it presents a diverse spectrum of artists who take on business as site, as material, and as subject of their work. As Will Bradley writes in frieze, “The book focuses on … an essential area of interest as artists wake up to the reality of the Clinton-era fantasy of ethical corporatism. The plan came out of Mir and Kelsey's realization that the publicity industry wasn’t stealing artists’ ideas, but simply employing artists, like Mir herself, who needed a day job. ‘Radical’ aesthetics that had taken at least six months to travel (we're in New York here) from downtown to uptown were now transferred almost instantaneously, causing artists to reassess their methods.” 
Contributions by Absolute Vodka, Atelier van Lieshout, Bernadette Corporation, Will Bradley, Claude Closky, Anthony Davies/Simon Ford, Dejanov & Heger, Liam Gillick /Carey Young, Gareth James, Laura K. Jones, Lars Bang Larsen, Matthieu Laurette, Daniel Pflumm, Purple Institute, Bennett Simpson, Superflex, Piotr Uklanski, et al. 
Aleksandra Mir is an artist based in New York and Palermo, Sicily. John Kelsey is a founding member of Bernadette Corporation and co-Director of Reena Spaulings Fine Art. 

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