Anthology, Criticism/Theory First Edition Softcover 450 pages 21 x 16 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 30 ORDER

Jonas Mekas, Scrapbooks of the Sixties: Writings 1954–2010, Spector Books, 2015

Scrapbook of the Sixties is a collection of published and unpublished texts by Jonas Mekas, filmmaker, writer, poet, and cofounder of the Anthology Film Archives in New York.

Born in Lithuania, he came to Brooklyn via Germany in 1949 and began shooting his first films there. Mekas developed a form of film diary in which he recorded moments of his daily life. He became the barometer of the New York art scene and a pioneer of American avant-garde cinema. Every week, starting in 1958, he published his legendary “Movie Journal” column in The Village Voice, writing on a range of subjects that were by no means restricted to the world of film. He conducted numerous interviews with artists like Andy Warhol, Susan Sontag, John Lennon & Yoko Ono, Erick Hawkins, and Nam June Paik. Some of these will now appear for the first time in his Scrapbook of the Sixties. Mekas’s writings reveal him as a thoughtful diarist and an unparalleled chronicler of the times—a practice that he has continued now for over fifty years.

Exhibition catalogue First Edition Softcover 288 pages 28 x 21 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 21 ORDER

Mark Von Schlegell, Sophie von Olfers, Hamlet, mise-en-scène: EXTRA TROUBLE—Jack Smith in Frankfurt, Sternberg Press, 2015

The publication brings together extensive material from Hamlet, mise-en-scène presented at Portikus, along with recently restored as well as never-published stills, drawings, and writings by American filmmaker and artist Jack Smith, related to his film Hamlet in the Rented World (A Fragment) (1970–73).
Hamlet, mise-en-scène, directed by Mark von Schlegell, was an adaptation that retold Shakespeare’s most abused tragedy while channeling the ghost of Jack Smith. The two-night rendition of Hamlet was performed by members of Städelschule’s Pure Fiction seminar, presented here alongside a rare selection of works by Smith, both from private collections and from the Jack Smith Archive.

With texts by Sylvère Lotringer, Birte Löschenkohl, Sophie von Olfers, Laura Preston, Juliane Rebentisch, Mark von Schlegell, et al.

Exhibition catalogue First Edition Zine 24 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 16 ORDER

Conrad Ventur, Montezland, Boo Hooray, 2014

This publication was printed on the occasion of the exhibition MONTEZLAND, organized by ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives at the USC Librairies and curated by Conrad Ventur and David Frantz. 

MONTEZLAND presents an expanded portrait of the legendary pre-Stonewall drag performer Mario Montez (1935-2013). Showcasing ephemera, photographs, documents, costumes, and film, the exhibition explores Montez’s role in and influence on the New York underground during the 1960s and 70s. MONTEZLAND includes recent collaborations between Montez and Ventur alongside documentation of Montez’s earlier works with Leandro Katz, Charles Ludlam, Hélio Oiticica, José Rodriguez-Soltero, Jack Smith, Andy Warhol, and Avery Willard, among others.

Periodical Soft cover, perfect binding 198 pages 23 x 17 cm Texts in German   Good condition       EUR 20 ORDER

Texte zur Kunst #30: Französische Zustände, Texte zur Kunst, 1998

Französische Zustände, Juni 1998

- Mark Terkessidis: PARIS SOUS LES BOMBES / Die Repräsentation der Banlieues in der französischen Öffentlichkeit und im Film
- PAPIERLOSE FRAUEN: Ein Interview mit Claudie Lesselier von Isabelle Graw
- MÄNGELLISTE: Ein Interview mit Frédéric Migayrou. Über die Situation der zeitgenössischen Kunst in Frankreich
- „DAS HAT VIELLEICHT MIT DEM ALTER ZU TUN“: Ein Interview mit Pierre Bourdieu von Isabelle Graw
- RECHT AUF EINKOMMEN, NICHT AUF ARBEIT: Ein Interview mit Chantal Mouffe von Christian Höller
- DIE GEWALT DES IMAGINÄREN UND DIE REALITÄTEN DER GESCHICHTE: Stefan Germer zu Benjamin Stora, Imaginaires de guerre. Algérie - Vietnam en France et aux Etats-unis, Paris 1997
- PSYCHOANALYSE UND POLITIK: Gregor Schwering zu Thanos Lipowatz, Politik der Psyche. 
- ROLLENSPIEL IN KULISSEN: Thomas Eggerer über Heimo Zobernig, Bonner Kunstverein; Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig; Kunstverein München
- GLAMORIZE YOUR MESSES: David Reisman über Jack Smith, „Flaming Creature“, P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center, Long Island City, New York
- EIN KÖRPER OHNE ARSCH: Hans-Christian Dany über Stephan Dillemuth, Galerie für Landschaftskunst, Hamburg
- ÜBERSCHÜSSE, MEHRWERTE, REST: Mathias Poledna über Josef Strau, kunstbuero 1060, Wien
- AUF DEM KOMPOSTHAUFEN DES VERBALEN MÜLLS: Beatrice von Bismarck über Andrea Fraser, „Eine Einführung in das Sprengel Museum Hannover“, Sprengel Museum Hannover
- CHANT NO. 1: Jutta Koether über Merlin Carpenter, „Chant No. 1“, Galerie Max Hetzler, Berlin
- ITALIEN: UNTERWEGS NACH ÄGYPTEN: Jennifer Budney über Mark Dion, „In Search of Neptune's Treasures“, Galleria Emi Fontana, Mailand; Luca Vitone, „Wide City”, Openspace, Mailand
- THE WRITING OF: Andrea Fraser über Simon Leung, Dorit Margreiter, Nils Norman, Mathias Poledna, „The Making of“, Generali Foundation, Wien

Criticism/Theory, Source Book 240 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 42 ORDER

Sylvère Lotringer, David Morris, Schizo-Culture, 2 vol. set (The Event, The Book), Semiotext(e), 2014

The legendary 1975 “Schizo-Culture” conference, conceived by the early Semiotext(e) collective, began as an attempt to introduce the then-unknown radical philosophies of post-’68 France to the American avant-garde. The event featured a series of seminal papers, from Deleuze’s first presentation of the concept of the “rhizome” to Foucault’s introduction of his History of Sexuality project. The conference was equally important on a political level, and brought together a diverse group of activists, thinkers, patients, and ex-cons in order to address the challenge of penal and psychiatric institutions. The combination proved to be explosive, but amid the fighting and confusion “Schizo-Culture” revealed deep ruptures in left politics, French thought, and American culture.

The “Schizo-Culture” issue of the Semiotext(e) journal came three years later. Designed by a group of artists and filmmakers including Kathryn Bigelow and Denise Green, it documented the chaotic creativity of an emerging downtown New York scene, and offered interviews with artists, theorists, writers, and No Wave and pre-punk musicians together with new texts from Deleuze, Foucault, R. D. Laing, and other conference participants.

This slip-cased edition includes The Book: 1978, a facsimile reproduction of the original Schizo-Culture publication; and The Event: 1975, a previously unpublished and comprehensive record of the conference that set it all off. It assembles many previously unpublished texts, including a detailed selection of interviews reconstructing the events, and features Félix Guattari, William Burroughs, Kathy Acker, Michel Foucault, Sylvère Lotringer, Guy Hocquenghem, Gilles Deleuze, John Rajchman, Robert Wilson, Joel Kovel, Jack Smith, Jean-François Lyotard, Ti-Grace Atkinson, François Peraldi, and John Cage.

Criticism/Theory First Edition Paperback 177 pages 20 x 13 cm Texts in English   Normal used condition       EUR 120 out of stock

J. Hoberman, Edward Leffingwell, Wait for me at the Bottom of the Pool: the Writings of Jack Smith, Serpent's Tail, 1997

During thirty years of astonishing activity as a filmmaker, photographer and performer, Jack Smith produced a body of creative, antic writing that intersects and transcends the genres of hothouse fantasy, criticism and social comment. Bringing together long unavailable essays, performance scripts, interviews and other material, "Wait for me at the Bottom of the Pool" reveals the ideas and personality of an artist whose distinctive vision has influenced generations of filmmakers and performance artists. With caustic wit, Smith praises the performances of Maria Montez as well as the sculpture of Walter de Maria, examines the cult success of Reefer Madness and the uses of pornography, and discusses the perils of democracy, the evils of property and the police state, art history and architecture.
Contains a lot of drawings.
From the High Risk series.

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