Artists' writings Second Edition 354 pages Texts in French   New       EUR 29 ORDER

Donald Judd, Écrits 1963–1990, Daniel Lelong éditeur, 2003

Traduction de 34 articles et essais de l'artiste américain Donald Judd, figure de l'art minimal.

Artists' writings First Edition Softcover 1048 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 45 ORDER

Donald Judd, Writings, Judd Foundation, 2016

Judd’s earliest published writing, consisting largely of reviews for hire, defined the terms of art criticism in the 1960s, but his essays as a graduate student at Columbia contain the seeds of his later writing, and allow readers to trace the development of his critical style.
The largest addition of newly available material is Judd’s unpublished notes--transcribed from his handwritten accounts of and reactions to subjects ranging from the politics of his time, to the literary texts he admired most, from complaints about pluralism in art to his admiration for Giambattista Vico, and through him, Lucretius. In these intimate reflections we see Judd’s thinking at its least mediated--a mind continuing to grapple with questions of its moment, demonstrating the intensity of thought that continues to make Judd such a formidable presence in contemporary art. 

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