Artist's book, Anthology First Edition Softcover 200 pages 20 x 15 cm Texts in Deutsch   Upper spine slightly torn
o/w very good condition
      EUR 140 ORDER

Dick Higgins, Wolf Vostell, Pop Architektur Concept Art, Droste, 1969

Edited by Dick Higgins and Wolf Vostell, this artist’s book/anthology explores the boundaries between pop art and architecture through writings and projects by key artists and thinkers of the 1960s and earlier—from John Cage and Buckminster Fuller to Kurt Schwitters and Joseph Beuys. It will retain the book’s unique design, specifically its Mylar inserts, which add unique depth and elaborate the publication’s content.

Contains numerous letters, black-and-white photographs. Vellum inserts. All text in German. Book design by Vostell himself. This edition precedes the English edition entitled Fantastic Architecture, published by Something Else Press, 1969.

Exhibition catalogue First Edition Staple-bound 40 pages Texts in French   Good condition       EUR 25 ORDER

Daniel Spoerri, Catalogue anecdoté de seizes oeuvres de l'artiste de 1960 à 1964, Galerie Bonnier, 1981

Petit catalogue produit à l'occasion de l'exposition éponyme de l'artiste à la Galerie Bonnier, Genève, du 17 septembre au 30 octobre 1981. Contient une liste détaillée des oeuvres présentes dans l'exposition, ainsi que la transcritpion d'un entretien datant du 18 juin 1981 entre Jan Runnqvist et Daniel Spoerri dans l'appartement de Spoerri à Cologne.

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