Poster Edition of 50 118 x 84 cm   New       EUR 80 ORDER

Real Madrid, Bright Futures, 2017

Artist's book First Edition Paperback 108 pages 17 x 10 cm   New       EUR 10 ORDER

Jean-Michel Wicker, e industrial, Donlon Books, Motto Books, 2014

Published on the occasion of Jean-Michel Wicker's exhibition e industrial, at Cubitt, London, 29 August – 28 September 2014.

Artist's book Edition of 500 Softcover 396 pages 28 x 27 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 70 ORDER

Jean-Michel Wicker, #picturebook1, Centre d'édition contemporaine, 2017

Offset printing, including 360 pages in colour and 36 pages in black on LuxoArt Silk 150 g/m2 paper, glossy colour cover, LuxoArt Silk 350 g/m2, 10 inserts, colour, 26.5 × 28 cm, LuxoArt Silk 130 g/m2, publication of an arbre de vie produced by Jean-Michel Wicker in collaboration with Marlie Mul, a text by Harry Burke, and a recipe for Alsatian plum pie by Charlotte Wicker (French), English. Graphic design: Maximage Société Suisse, London. Printing: DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg, Altenburg. 

Click on the cover and browse with the arrows for more images.

Artist's book 7/50, signed copy Softcover 728 pages 23 x 18 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 60 out of stock

Simon Popper, ULYSSES, auto-publié, 2006

A reinterpretation of James Joyce's Ulysses rearranging all the words in the original book in alphabetical order.

Artist's book First Edition 16 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 180 ORDER

Shawna Dempsey, Lorri Millan, In the Life : Portrait of a Modern Sex-Deviant, Finger in the Dyke Productions, 1995

Parody of the old LIFE magazine, this publication features photos and captions describing A Day In The Life of a Bull Dyke. She gets up out of the bed of a woman. Goes to work as a butcher. Gets off work and hangs out with the other dykes. Then she puts on her Drag King getup and goes to a Normal bar for some action (and a fight).
Photographed by Sheila Spence, designed by Zab Design, edited by Carol Philipps. Produced with the generous assistance of the Canada Council and the Loewen Foundation.

Artist's book, Poetry Second Edition Staple-bound 19 x 15 cm Texts in English   Very good condition       EUR 250 ORDER

Bob Cobbing, A-Z Sound Poem Sequence, Writers Forum Poets Number Seven, 1968

A sequence from a to z of sound poems - to be read aloud. Typed pages in card cover with three staples keeping the lot together.

Poetry, Artist's book First Edition Staple-bound 20 x 13 cm Texts in English   Very good condition       EUR 120 ORDER

Robert Lax, Thought, Journeyman Press, 1966

Volume of poetry by American poet Robert Lax. Designed and illustrated by Emil Antonucci.

Poetry, Artist's book First Edition Staple-bound 21 x 21 cm Texts in English   Very good condition       EUR 85 ORDER

Robert Lax, Fables, Journeyman Press, 1970

Volume of poetry by American poet Robert Lax. Designed and illustrated by Emil Antonucci.
Dedicated on the first page : « Dear Steve, happy new year – Emil ».

Poetry, Artist's book First Edition Staple-bound 27 x 21 cm Texts in English   Good condition       EUR 140 ORDER

Robert Lax, 3 or 4 poems about the sea, Journeyman Press, 1966

Some recent poems by the author of THE CIRCUS OF THE SUN, NEW POEMS, SEA POEMS and THOUGHT ; poems that knit the sea, the moon, the mind, the shadow of the heart into the continuous orchestrated whole.

Drawings by Emil Antonucci.

Multiple Edition of 1000 14 x 9 cm         EUR 40 ORDER

Jean-Michel Wicker, Belle étiquette, Centre d'édition contemporaine, 2017

Belle étiquette is a woven flyer taking the form of a mini carpet functioning as an advertisement object, polyester, black and white, high definition weaving, heat cut with fray out edges. Weaving: Bornemann-Etiketten GmbH, Wuppertal. 

This edition is accompanied by a publication bearing the same title, Belle étiquette.
16 pages, black/white, colours, offset on Magno Satin 130 g/m2 paper, 26,8 × 20,5 cm, 250 copies.
Graphic design : Marietta Eugster and Jean-Michel Wicker. 

Click on the cover and browse with the arrows for more images.

  New       EUR 200 ORDER

jmxmage, 2012

jmxmage: Jean-Michel Wicker + Maximage

edition of 50 unique copies, signed and numbered
single-prints on offset press, Berlin 2012

170 x 240 mm, 32 pages
245 x 340 mm, 16 pages
495 x 170 mm, 16 pages
345 x 495 mm, 08 pages
posters 70 x 103 cm
PDF with full details here.
to place your order: write an email with the edition number you wish to purchase or include it as a note with your Paypal transfer.

Multiple Edition of 15 80 x 15 cm   New       EUR 300 ORDER

Marlie Mul, Bam Bam’ (bæm bæm), 2015

Edition of hand carved caveman clubs based on Marlie Mul’s large-scale installation ‘Ug’ (Ug), ‘Duh’ (dǝ), ‘Muh’ (mɜːɹ), ‘Bam Bam’ (bæm bæm)‘ that was a part of her solo exhibition Arbeidsvitaminen at Vilma Gold in 2015.

Materials: polyurethane, paper, sand, glue, varnish. Hand carved.

[Click on the image and browse with the arrows for more images]

Artist's book, Exhibition catalogue Edition of 20 Staple-bound 92 pages 20 x 14 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 30 out of stock

Seyoung Yoon, Dynamic Kids Club / Territory And Jealousy , self-published, 2016

Published on the occasion of the eponymous exhibition by Seyoung Yoon at Truth & Consequences, Geneva, January 22 – March 31, 2016.

Click on the book cover and browse with the arrows to see the inside!

Poster Edition of 20 102 x 72 cm         EUR 280 ORDER

Emil Michael Klein, untitled, BECKBOOKS, 2014

Silkscreen print on paper.

Artist's book Edition of 8 Softcover 134 pages 30 x 21 cm Texts in no text   New       EUR 150 ORDER

Samuel Jeffery, Home and Activity, Casa de Amigos, 2015

A photobook edition by artist Samuel Jeffery. All photos in the book were taken by the artist's father Simon Jeffery between 2005 and 2015.

Softcover, glue-bound
With 62 digital inkjet prints on glossy paper
Signed and numbered

[Clic on the image and browse with the arrows to look inside the book.]

Edition of 14 Poster 50 x 35 cm   New       EUR 100 ORDER

Alan Schmalz, NO APPY POLLY LOGGY, 2016

Impression sérigraphie sur papier.

Multiple Edition of 10         EUR 300 ORDER

Miriam Laura Leonardi, Tambour et ses baguettes, 2015

Artist edition, handmade, signed and numbered
Material: welded iron rods, red cord
Dimensions: drum 42 x 24 cm, sticks 30 cm


Poster Edition of 30 Silkscreen 119 x 84 cm   New       EUR 60 ORDER

Rémi Brandon, Les Mystères de la Vie, 2015

The Mysteries of Life
Marocco 2014

Black silkscreen on paper Chantebleu (115g/m2).

Multiple         EUR 100 ORDER

Ramaya Tegegne, Mullicans, 2014

Artist edition, signed and numbered.
Materials: porcelain
Edition of 20, PDF with full details here.
To place your order: write an email with the edition number you wish to purchase or include it in a note in your Paypal transfer.

Bootleg Staple-bound 95 pages Texts in English         EUR 15 out of stock

Ramaya Tegegne, Make Your Own Life: Artists In & Out of Cologne, 2014

Bootleg of the catalogue for the 2006 exhibition curated by Bennett Simpson at the ICA Philadelphia, which brought together over twenty-five artists of three generations—centering from Cologne but also including Los Angeles, New York, London, and Berlin—to explore themes of autonomy, artistic collectivity and social relationships, and the privileging of the artist's life and context as a basis for understanding creative practice. 
In the 1980s and early-90s, the German city of Cologne was one of the most important centers for contemporary art in Europe, if not the world. With its many galleries, artist run-spaces, and artist bars, the city assumed a kind of mythological dimension, a place where artists came to show, sell, socialize, and distinguish themselves and their work on levels symbolic and real. The open question of how one makes one's art in relation to a set of communities, histories, market conditions and social attitudes was at the core of the Cologne scene. It was fiercely debated, dramatized in exaggerated behavior, art works and exhibitions alike, and it contributed greatly to the impression that Cologne was a place of extreme self-consciousness and audacity.
Featuring Bernadette Corporation, Cosima von Bonin, Merlin Carpenter, Stephan Dillemuth, Michaela Eichwald, Andrea Fraser, Kim Gordon, Charline von Heyl, Gareth James, Mike Kelley, Martin Kippenberger, Jutta Koether, Michael Krebber, Louise Lawler, Hans-Jorg Mayer, Lucy McKenzie, Nils Norman, Albert Oehlen, Christian Philipp Muller, Stephen Prina, Josephine Pryde, Blake Rayne, Reena Spaulings, Josef Strau, Rosemarie Trockel, Filmgruppe West, Christopher Williams, and Christopher Wool, among others. 

Bootleg produced on the occasion of Ramaya Tegegne – Respektive at Marbriers 4, Geneva.

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