First Edition Softcover 64 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 30 out of stock

John Miller, Mike Kelley, A.R.T. Press, 1993

Mike Kelley interviewed by John Miller.

Mike Kelley's iconoclastic artwork assails the sunshine fantasy of the "normal" family. In an extended and intelligent interview profusely illustrated with performance stills, reproductions, and installation shots, Kelley discusses the development of his work, his interest in pop culture, and the influence of crafts on his work. 

Artist's book First Edition Staple-bound 21 x 29 cm         EUR 14 out of stock

Sara MacKillop, New Stationery, 2013

Exhibition catalogue First Edition Soft cover, perfect binding 52 pages Texts in English / Deutsch   New       EUR 29 ORDER

Peter Doig, Jochen Klein, Peter Doig/Jochen Klein, Galerie Daniel Buchholz, 2005

Catalogue documenting the exhibition of Peter Doig and Jochen Klein at Daniel Buchholz Gallery in December 2004 until January 2005. The new essay by Manfred Hermes discusses the relation between the artists' works and gives an interesting insight into both of the artists' practices.

Criticism/Theory First Edition Paperback 114 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 19 ORDER

Raúl Ruiz, Raúl Ruiz: Images of Passage, Rouge Press, 2004

Published in conjunction with International Film Festival Rotterdam, January 2004.

Contains a series of essays about the franco-chilean filmmaker Raúl Ruiz.

Artist's book   New       EUR 50 ORDER

Sara MacKillop, Calendar, 2010

Artist's book First Edition Soft cover, perfect binding 80 pages 20 x 13 cm   New       EUR 40 ORDER

Sara MacKillop, Ex-library book, Pork Salad Press, 2012

An Ex-library book is the least desirable book in book collecting terms. The term is used for books that once belonged to a library. Ex-library books are generally unattractive, as they have usually been stamped, taped, glued or had a card pocket glued to them. The books have often been damaged by the patrons of the library themselves.

Artist's book First Edition Soft cover, perfect binding 40 pages Texts in French   New       EUR 60 ORDER

Philippe Daerendinger, Tooled Sundays, FORDE, 2011

Published on the occasion of Philippe Daerendinger's show Pièces d'origine at Forde – Espace d'Art Contemporain, Geneva, February 3–March 12, 2011.
Contains texts from Francis Baudevin and Guillaume Pilet.
Concieved and printed with Maximage (David Keshavjee & Julien Tavelli), Berlin.
The book was awarded with the Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2011 price.

Criticism/Theory, Source Book First Edition Soft cover, perfect binding 408 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 25 out of stock

Julie Ault, Alternative Art New York, 1965–1985, University Of Minnesota Press, The Drawing Center, 2003

By the mid-1960s, New York's art establishment-its major museums and galleries-had ceased to reflect the city's diversity and had largely ignored the decade's social, political, and cultural ferment. In response, marginalized artists created an oppositional network of organizations, exhibit spaces, and cooperative galleries that both paralleled and challenged the status quo. This alternative art movement flourished for more than two decades, repositioning New York at the center of international contemporary art. Alternative Art New York brings together a diverse group of artists and critics to explore the origins and evolution of this diffuse and vibrant cultural scene from a variety of perspectives: political, philosophical, organizational, economic, and aesthetic.
Locating the movement within both the art world and its larger social and political context, these authors decipher the shifting configurations of cultural power in this period and the complex relationship between the mainstream and the marginal. With a unique, annotated chronology of the alternative art scene from 1965 to 1985, and illustrated with 150 images of key works, installations, and exhibits; reproductions of posters, communiqués, and other ephemera; and photographs of protests and meetings, this volume is an important work of contemporary art history and a valuable sourcebook that suggests the basis for the return of an artist-driven cultural economy.
Contributors: Martin Beck, Juli Carson, Jim Cornwell, David Deitcher, Arlene Goldbard, Miwon Kwon, Lucy R. Lippard, Alan Moore, Brian Wallis

Artist's book First Edition Hardcover Texts in English   New       EUR 35 ORDER

Dan Rees, Catherine Griffiths, Home for Lost Ideas, Archive Books, 2009

Home for Lost Ideas is a publication allowing artists to revisit ideas they left behind. This publication provides a place for the bad, the unfinished, and the impossible ideas that were never realized, a place where these projects could exist alongside each other. It is a collection of abandoned projects, an exhibition that can only be visited through the printed description of the unrealized works.
With contributions from: Marina Abramovic, Franz Ackermann, Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Allora & Calzadilla, Lauren Aston, Annabelle Balch, John Baldessari, Pascale Berthier, Pierre Bismuth, Juliette Blightman, Blood ‘n’ Feathers, John Bock, Sophie Calle, David Claerbout, Claude Closky, Martin Creed, Nathalie Djurberg, Jason Dodge, Shaun Doyle & Mally Mallinson, Drabble+Sachs, Elin Wikstrom, Elmgreen & Dragset, Chris Evans, Peter Fend, Peter Finnemore, Blue Firth, Rebecca Fortnum, Ryan Gander, Mario Garcia Torres, Andrew Gaston, Kendell Geers, Liam Gillick, Chris Hammond, Nadia Hebson, Isabell Heimerdinger, Tamara Henderson, Sofia Hulten, Andrew Hunt, Dani Jakob, Christian Jankowski, Koo Jeong-A, Janice Kerbel, Jakob Kolding, Tamas Komoroczky, David Krippendorff, Heimo Lattner, Matthieu Laurette, Sharon Lockhart, Benoit Maire, Tom Marioni, Mark McGowan, Jonathan Meese, Michaela Meise, Matthias Mayer, Simon Dybbroe Moller, Jonathan Monk, Hayley Newman, Nils Norman, Paul O’Kane, Ahmet ogut, Simon Patterson, Diego Perrone, Susan Philipsz, Kirsten Pieroth, Steven Pippin, Olivia Plender, Damien Roach, Kirstine Roepstorff, Julian Rosefeldt, Daniel Roth, Anri Sala, Mathew Sawyer, Stefan Schuster, David Shrigley, Allison Smith, Nedko Solakov, Simon Starling, Sue Tompkins, Joep van Liefland, Tris Vonna-Michell, Bedwyr Williams, Jordan Wolfson.

Exhibition catalogue First Edition Soft cover, perfect binding 207 pages Texts in English / Swedish   Normal used condition       EUR 20 ORDER

Dan Cameron, What is Contemporary Art?, Rooseum, 1989

Catalogue published on the occasion of Vad är samtida konst? / What is contemporary art? at Rooseum, Malmö, May 3 – June 7, 1989.

Contains very good reproductions of works from Fischli/Weiss, Katharina Fritsch, Rosalie Gascoigne, Frederico Guzman, Georg Herold, Rebecca Horn, On Kawara, Mike Kelley, Astrid Klein, Jeff Koons, Igor Kopystianski, Sherrie Levine, Tatsuo Miyajima, Walter Obholzer, Meret Oppenheim, Perejaume, Haim Steinbach, Bill Traylor, Jeff Wall, and an essay by the exhibition's curator Dan Cameron.

Periodical Soft cover, perfect binding 200 pages 17 x 24 cm Texts in French / English   New       EUR 19 out of stock

May #10, May Revue, 2013

'Second in a series focused on the 90s in France, our initial ambitions for this issue of May was to discuss the interests of art theory and art history that allegedly took place in the early 90s to generate a view on the theoretical context for artistic production then. It was not to engage in a comprehensive review, but approach the subject by working in the inverse to emphasize the background and proceed with minimal means.'

How to Do the History of French Theory in the Visual Arts: A New York Story, John Rajchman
From Time to Space: When Critical Theory Turns Global, François Cusset 
Meeting Jean-François Chevrier, Paul Sztulman
54, boulevard Raspail, Stefan Germer
“Biarritz by Georges Ancely, Photographs 1880–1895”, Nicolas Ceccaldi
“Ecstatic Alphabets/Heaps of Language”, Tom McDonough
“Because Thought is Dark!”, Clara Schulmann
Peripheral Passages. On John Knight’s Curb Appeal, André Rottmann
Matisse Rebooted, Clément Auriel


Criticism/Theory Soft cover, perfect binding 95 pages 18 x 11 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 17 ORDER

John Beeson, Cameron Rowland, Daniel Herleth, The New Document: Photography's concerns and returns., The New Document, 2013

'The New Document' is a book series initiated by John Beeson and Cameron Rowland, for which this publication serves as a prototype. For this installment, Daniel Herleth has also served as an editor.
This publication accompanied the exhibition 'Concerns and Returns' at the gallery, featuring work by Rowland and Herleth, which was organized by Beeson.

Criticism/Theory First Edition Paperback 250 pages Texts in English   Normal used condition
name of the former owner written on the first page,
o/w Fine
      EUR 15 out of stock

Parker Tyler, Underground Film: A Critical History, Grove Press, 1969

Parker Tyler was the first critic to write seriously about the early Underground film makers, especially about Stan Brakhage, Sidney Peterson, Gregory Markopoulos, Willard Maas and Maya Deren. Here he assesses their work along with that of Kenneth Anger, Ed Emshwiller, Ron Rice, Peter Kubelka, James Whitney, Stan VanDerBeek, Andy Warhol, Bruce Conner, Paul Sharits, Charles Boultenhouse, and other filmmakers. Discussing the specific films, he shows the variety of current aims and techniques, and traces their origins in Dada and Surrealism and in the classic of Buñuel, Cocteau, René Clair, Eisenstein, and Wiene. He assumes that critical values provide the true key for judging film achievement, and as a result, in this book Underground Film criticism attains a new dimension.

Criticism/Theory First Edition Softcover 40 pages 30 x 21 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 25 ORDER

Anicka Yi, Carissa Rodriguez, Jordan Lord, Lise Soskolne, The Politics of Friendship, Edition Patrick Frey, STUDIOLO, 2013

On July 9, 2013, the web journal The New Inquiry released "Further Materials toward a Theory of the Man-Child" by Mal Ahern and Moira Weigel, and the essay went viral ( Serving up more than one version of what or who possibly lurks behind every Young-Girl ( & the original text in French:, the essay articulated a term of engagement rampant not only in academia where the authors circulate, but endemic as well in the worlds of contemporary art and its structures of success– a disgracefully sexist field. A solo exhibition by Anicka Yi at STUDIOLO slated for September 2013 evolved into a collaborative project among Anicka Yi, Jordan Lord, Lise Soskolne and Carissa Rodriguez. Yi and Lord’s reading of Derrida’s The Politics of Friendship became the grounds for a related conversation about responsibility, call and response. The group asked others to respond to Ahern and Weigel’s essay in the form of a poster, image, or text to be compiled into a publication.

Artist's book Staple-bound 16 pages 21 x 15 cm   New       EUR 80 ORDER

Jean-Michel Wicker, ballabella, Ballabella papers, 2012

xerox A5 book.
published on the occasion of 'anti-arbeiten' at motto berlin, april 28–may 19, 2012

Poster Edition of 36   New       EUR 90 ORDER

Jean-Michel Wicker, anti-plan hallucinogénique vu de la lune, Ballabella papers, 2012

Xeroxed drawing plus text on apricot paper, A1, folded 2 times.
Made on the occasion of a presentation at 98WEEKS Research/Project Space in Beirut, November 23, 2012, organized by Margarida Mendes.

Periodical Softcover 130 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 15 ORDER


With contributions by Nadja Abt / Ann-Leonie Auer / Michele d’Aurizio / Juliette Blightman / Mikaël D. Brkic / Eli Broad with photos by Jay Chung and Q Takeki Maeda / Merlin Carpenter / Gürsoy Dogtas / Martin Ebner / Genoveva Filipovic / Edgars Gluhovs / Mauricio Guillén / Julian Göthe / Alexander Hempel / HIT / Tom Holert / Karl Holmqvist / Morag Keil / Nina Könnemann / Adriana Lara / Andrea Legiehn with an illustration by Siw Umsonst / Amy Lien and Enzo Camacho / Erik Lavesson with Milena Büsch, Kelly Akashi and Anna Zacharoff / Adam Linder and Shahryar Nashat / Fred Lonidier with Egija Inzule / Fiona McGovern and Magnus Schäfer / Luise Pilz / François Piron / Bonny Poon / Gottfried Schnödl / Silberkuppe / Mathew Sova / Maraike Steding / Megan Francis Sullivan / Sergei Tcherepnin / Benjamin Thorel / Danh Vo / Colin Whitaker / Amy Yao a.o., including A document made by Paul Thek and Edwin Klein / Textiles: Open Letters by Rike Frank and Grant Watson / A reportage on Andreas Dorau / Lars Eidinger on Rainer Werner Fassbinder / A retrospective account of a 1990 artwork by Silvia Kolbowski / Fernando Mesta on Joseph Strau’s jewelry / A Drive by Robert Walser with an introduction by Susan Bernofsky 

Exhibition catalogue First Edition Zine 15 pages 23 x 15 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 8 ORDER

Thomas Lawson, Susan Morgan, REALLIFE Magazine 1979–1990, Artists Space, 2007

Tiny booklet featuring an interview of REALLIFE Magazine founders Tom Lawson and Susan Morgan, published on the occasion of R E A L L I F E Magazine 1979–1990 at Artists Space, New York, March 30 – May 12, 2007.


Criticism/Theory First Edition Staple-bound 24 pages 23 x 15 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 19 out of stock

Stephen Willats, Random Networks, CONTROL MAGAZINE, 2003

This essay considers the relevance of networks to art practice and how they underpin communication and interpersonal relationships. It re-publishes texts from earlier writings on Systems (1965), Life Structures (1970), A State of Agreement (1973), and The Group as Social Analogue in Art Practice (1976). 
Published in 2003 by Artlab in association with Control Magazine.

Criticism/Theory First Edition Staple-bound 16 pages 21 x 15 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 19 out of stock

Stephen Willats, Multichannel Vision, CONTROL MAGAZINE, 2000

An essay by Stephen Willats which considers how our experience and encounters with reality are transient and multi-dimensional and how this impacts on art practice, so that the artwork not only describes existing reality, but is transformational into a world of complexity and exchange.

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