Criticism/Theory First Edition Softcover 40 pages 30 x 21 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 25 ORDER

Anicka Yi, Carissa Rodriguez, Jordan Lord, Lise Soskolne, The Politics of Friendship, Edition Patrick Frey, STUDIOLO, 2013

On July 9, 2013, the web journal The New Inquiry released "Further Materials toward a Theory of the Man-Child" by Mal Ahern and Moira Weigel, and the essay went viral ( Serving up more than one version of what or who possibly lurks behind every Young-Girl ( & the original text in French:, the essay articulated a term of engagement rampant not only in academia where the authors circulate, but endemic as well in the worlds of contemporary art and its structures of success– a disgracefully sexist field. A solo exhibition by Anicka Yi at STUDIOLO slated for September 2013 evolved into a collaborative project among Anicka Yi, Jordan Lord, Lise Soskolne and Carissa Rodriguez. Yi and Lord’s reading of Derrida’s The Politics of Friendship became the grounds for a related conversation about responsibility, call and response. The group asked others to respond to Ahern and Weigel’s essay in the form of a poster, image, or text to be compiled into a publication.

Artist's book Staple-bound 16 pages 21 x 15 cm   New       EUR 80 ORDER

Jean-Michel Wicker, ballabella, Ballabella papers, 2012

xerox A5 book.
published on the occasion of 'anti-arbeiten' at motto berlin, april 28–may 19, 2012

Poster Edition of 36   New       EUR 40 ORDER

Jean-Michel Wicker, anti-plan hallucinogénique vu de la lune, Ballabella papers, 2012

Xeroxed drawing plus text on apricot paper, A1, folded 2 times.
Made on the occasion of a presentation at 98WEEKS Research/Project Space in Beirut, November 23, 2012, organized by Margarida Mendes.

Periodical Softcover 130 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 15 ORDER


With contributions by Nadja Abt / Ann-Leonie Auer / Michele d’Aurizio / Juliette Blightman / Mikaël D. Brkic / Eli Broad with photos by Jay Chung and Q Takeki Maeda / Merlin Carpenter / Gürsoy Dogtas / Martin Ebner / Genoveva Filipovic / Edgars Gluhovs / Mauricio Guillén / Julian Göthe / Alexander Hempel / HIT / Tom Holert / Karl Holmqvist / Morag Keil / Nina Könnemann / Adriana Lara / Andrea Legiehn with an illustration by Siw Umsonst / Amy Lien and Enzo Camacho / Erik Lavesson with Milena Büsch, Kelly Akashi and Anna Zacharoff / Adam Linder and Shahryar Nashat / Fred Lonidier with Egija Inzule / Fiona McGovern and Magnus Schäfer / Luise Pilz / François Piron / Bonny Poon / Gottfried Schnödl / Silberkuppe / Mathew Sova / Maraike Steding / Megan Francis Sullivan / Sergei Tcherepnin / Benjamin Thorel / Danh Vo / Colin Whitaker / Amy Yao a.o., including A document made by Paul Thek and Edwin Klein / Textiles: Open Letters by Rike Frank and Grant Watson / A reportage on Andreas Dorau / Lars Eidinger on Rainer Werner Fassbinder / A retrospective account of a 1990 artwork by Silvia Kolbowski / Fernando Mesta on Joseph Strau’s jewelry / A Drive by Robert Walser with an introduction by Susan Bernofsky 

Exhibition catalogue First Edition Zine 15 pages 23 x 15 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 8 ORDER

Thomas Lawson, Susan Morgan, REALLIFE Magazine 1979–1990, Artists Space, 2007

Tiny booklet featuring an interview of REALLIFE Magazine founders Tom Lawson and Susan Morgan, published on the occasion of R E A L L I F E Magazine 1979–1990 at Artists Space, New York, March 30 – May 12, 2007.


Criticism/Theory First Edition Staple-bound 24 pages 23 x 15 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 19 out of stock

Stephen Willats, Random Networks, CONTROL MAGAZINE, 2003

This essay considers the relevance of networks to art practice and how they underpin communication and interpersonal relationships. It re-publishes texts from earlier writings on Systems (1965), Life Structures (1970), A State of Agreement (1973), and The Group as Social Analogue in Art Practice (1976). 
Published in 2003 by Artlab in association with Control Magazine.

Criticism/Theory First Edition Staple-bound 16 pages 21 x 15 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 19 out of stock

Stephen Willats, Multichannel Vision, CONTROL MAGAZINE, 2000

An essay by Stephen Willats which considers how our experience and encounters with reality are transient and multi-dimensional and how this impacts on art practice, so that the artwork not only describes existing reality, but is transformational into a world of complexity and exchange.

Monograph First Edition Softcover 224 pages Texts in German   As new       EUR 120 ORDER

Roman Kurzmeyer, Heinrich Anton Müller: 1869–1930, Katalog der Maschinen, Zeichnungen und Schriften, Stroemfeld Verlag, 1994


Criticism/Theory First Edition Paperback 288 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 21 out of stock

David Wojnarowicz, Close to the Knives: A Memoir of Disintegration, Vintage, 1991

In Close to the Knives, David Wojnarowicz gives us an important and timely document: a collection of creative essays -- a scathing, sexy, sublimely humorous and honest personal testimony to the "Fear of Diversity in America." From the author's violent childhood in suburbia to eventual homelessness on the streets and piers of New York City, to recognition as one of the most provocative artists of his generation -- Close to the Knives is his powerful and iconoclastic memoir. Street life, drugs, art and nature, family, AIDS, politics, friendship and acceptance: Wojnarowicz challenges us to examine our lives -- politically, socially, emotionally, and aesthetically.

Artist's book Bootleg Staple-bound 76 pages 29 x 42 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 70 ORDER

Continuous Project, Continuous Project #04, 2004

Reproduction of Monika Sprüth’s magazine, Eau de Cologne #01 (1985).

Continuous Project is Bettina Funcke, Wade Guyton, Seth Price and Joseph Logan.
Since 2003 they have adopted a variety of recuperative strategies that are less about nostalgia for (art) history than they are about the status of the material being reintroduced to the present.

Info here:

Artist's book First Edition Softcover 96 pages 28 x 30 cm Texts in no text   New       EUR 38 ORDER

Tobias Madison, Drawings, 9783906011, 2012

«Drawings» is a collection of digital drawings created between 2008 and early 2012 by the young Swiss artist Tobias Madison. The works are based on the gestural application of software chains of command – Madison uses this formal language as work material for exhibitions, textile applications and performances. 
Pop, a love-hate relationship with abstraction, emptied design codes of the past decades, as well as fragments and ruins of the digital culture are interwoven into the iconography of the images. Influenced by the fast, almost spastic transition into the digital culture, Madison continually questions authorship, medium and distribution. Without ever lapsing into the prevalent cultural pessimism, Madison, in his maximum aesthetic, articulates a biting commentary on the present.

Comics First Edition Hardcover 92 pages 18 x 14 cm Texts in English   Normal used condition       EUR 35 out of stock

Hal Foster, The Minks' Cry, Bay Press, 1982

Children book by Hal Foster, with picture by Milo Mottola

Bay Press is the most significant independent press in Seattle's history. The only local rival to Bay Press may be Fantagraphics Books, which has been publishing comics and graphic novels from its offices in Lake City since 1976.
Bay Press was born in New York City, when Thatcher decided to publish Hal Foster's book, A Mink's Cry, a children's story.

"And then," Thatcher says, "Hal had this other idea." That idea was the book The Anti-Aesthetic: Essays on Postmodern Culture. "The children's book," explains Hal Foster, "was more of a lark. I mean, I think he [Thatcher] wanted to get into publishing, and it was an easy enough first book to attempt. I'm very grateful that he did it, but it's funny, I don't think many people know that I ever did a kids' book."

Artist's book First Edition Softcover 264 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 28 ORDER

Elad Lassry, On Onions, Primary Information, 2012

This book features a photographic study of onions by Elad Lassry with text by Angie Keefer on onions.

Criticism/Theory Paperback edition Paperback 200 pages 21 x 14 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 23 out of stock

John A. Walker, Left Shift: Radical Art in 1970's Britain, I. B. Tauris, 2002

Within twentieth-century art history, the 1970's has been a neglected decade. Left Shift vividly recreates a time when visual artists, under the influence of left-wing politics, women's liberation and the gay movement, were seeking to re-establish a social purpose to their practice.

John A. Walker discusses the work of artists as diverse as Stuart Brisley, Derek Jarman, Mary Kelly, the Art & Language Group, Victor Burgin, Margaret Harrison, Jo Spence and Joseph Beuys. 

Artist's book, Exhibition catalogue First Edition Zine 29 pages 24 x 18 cm Texts in English         EUR 90 out of stock

Marie–Louise De Geer Bergenstråhle, Marie–Louise de Geer Bergenstråhle, Galerie Bonnier, 1974

Small catalogue published by Galerie Bonnier in Geneva. Contains paintings, drawings, photographies and texts from the swedish artist Marie–Louise de Geer Bergenstråhle. Very nice little book. Rare.

Periodical First Edition Softcover Texts in English   As new       EUR 32 out of stock

Stephen Willats, Control Magazine #18, CONTROL MAGAZINE, 2009

Despite the forwarding of new forms of socially based and engaged art practice by artists, a feature of culture in the last decades has been the ethos surrounding the possession of art objects. Art as property has not only persisted in our culture but has been celebrated and projected as adominate emulative icon.
What cannot be ignored at the time of producing Control Magazine, Issue Eighteen, is the sudden collapse of the financial markets that supported an inflated bubble. A bubble, which fostered the art object as financial investment.
Control Magazine Issue Eighteen presents texts by artists that offer a vision, a way forward which connects with people, to externalise their work into the real world today. 
In this new issue of Control Magazine a group of texts are presented by artists that are considered to have responded to recent cultural events and are offering strategies for the expression of social and community values in art practice.
Vito Acconci, Karolin Meunier, Stephen Willats, Erwin van Doorn, Dan Mitchell, Annette Krauss, Thomas Hirschhorn, Harmen de Hoop, Steve Rushton, Ricardo Basbaum, Phil Coy.

Periodical First Edition Softcover 28 pages 29 x 21 cm Texts in English   As new       EUR 32 ORDER

Stephen Willats, Control Magazine #17, CONTROL MAGAZINE, 2007

The art practices that are represented in this issue … have in their various ways centered on the issues of meaning and function, and their counter consciousness to the object, property-based determinism of prevailing contemporary culture. An important aspect to the development of the work represented in Control Magazine has been the fostering of a network of relationships between artists and their modus operandi. Central to the feedback in these relationships is the practice of explanation, thus introducing a state of mutuality, an open social network, that is a catalyst for the progression of ideas – extract from the editorial.
FrenchMottershead, Jakob Jakobsen, Dan Kidner, Langlands & Bell, Emma Hedditch, Nils Norman, Miriam Steinhauser, Elly Clarke, Fritz Haeg, Stephen Willats, Johnny Spencer, Chris Hammond

Periodical First Edition Softcover 28 pages 29 x 21 cm Texts in English   As new       EUR 35 out of stock

Stephen Willats, Control Magazine #16, CONTROL MAGAZINE, 2001

One of the central roles of Control Magazine has been to act as a vehicle for the explanation of art practice between artists that are in the process of seeking a meaningful engagement in contemporary society. Hence explanation is seen as central to the development of individual art practice and the creation of networks between artists that activate and facilitate the creation of new paradigms on which relevant intervention into the social fabric can be based.
Jakob Jakobsen, David Goldenberg, Jesus Cruzvillegas, Art Lab, Nils Norman, Elinor Jansz, Christabel Stewart & Emily Pethick, Hamish Fulton, Sarah Staton, David Beech, Heinrich Sachs, Stephen Willats, Wolfgang Spanier

Periodical First Edition Softcover 28 pages 29 x 21 cm Texts in English   As new       EUR 35 ORDER

Stephen Willats, Control Magazine #15, CONTROL MAGAZINE, 1996

This issue of Control Magazine brings together artists from different geographical and ideological backgrounds. The thread that binds them together is that they all, in their individual ways, have entered into an engagement with the interactive channel. Equally, they are all involved with the idea of a future art and its society, although from a variety of different standpoints.
(Extract from the Editorial)
Poster Studio, Edwin David, Stephen Dillemuth, Alan Murray, Denise Hawrysio, Oliver Whitehead, Alan Kane & Jeremy Deller, Sarah Staton, Mathew Higgs, Oliver Cieslik & Barbara Schenk, Mat Vaassen, Les Levine, Liam Gillick, Stephen Willats, Katie Bowden & Helen Eger

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