Multiple Edition of 10         EUR 300 ORDER

Miriam Laura Leonardi, Tambour et ses baguettes, 2015

Artist edition, handmade, signed and numbered
Material: welded iron rods, red cord
Dimensions: drum 42 x 24 cm, sticks 30 cm


Architecture Hardcover with dust jacket 328 pages 29 x 24 cm Texts in French   The dust cover is used, but the inside is in perfect condition       EUR 45 ORDER

René Creux, Arts populaires en Suisse, Éditions de Fontainemore, 1970

Véritable encyclopédie des arts populaires suisses qui remonte aux sources de l'histoire des quatre régions
ethniques de la Confédération afin de nous faire découvrir un patrimoine mutliple et varié. Sont ainsi détaillés meubles et objets du quotidien, mais également costumes, papiers découpés, ex-voto, masques, cartes à jouer, enseignes, jouets. 

Le livre contient plus de 600 illustrations en noir et blanc et couleurs.

Artist's book First edition of 400 copies Softcover 20 pages 42 x 29 cm Texts in French / English   New       EUR 20 ORDER

Miriam Laura Leonardi, VOILÀ, 2015

The French weekly paper VOILÀ was founded by Gallimard in 1931 and distributed until World War II. Amongst the contributors were writers such as Albert Londres, Joseph Kessel, Georges Simenon, the aviator Mermoz as well as photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. A selection of articles addressing key events of the past as well as every day matters are reassembled and modified by Leonardi to highlight their ongoing relevancy and reprinted in a new publication. While the orginal layout remains, words or sentences are rearranged to offer a more abstract but direct meaning. The contemporary speed of information is thus questionned through this new format allowing an accelerated reading of the original content.

Original texts in French, with English translations.

Fiction, Periodical Edition of 200 Soft cover, perfect binding Texts in English   New       EUR 15 ORDER

Erika Landström, Aislinn McNamara, Dysfyction II, Mark von Schlegell, Pure Fiction seminar, 2015

With contributions by Josef Strau, Olga Pedan, Ellen Yeon Kim, Simon Spieser, Aislinn McNamara, Hilda Stammarnäs, Erika Landström, Dan Graham, Mariana Lopez, Anna Zacharoff, Reece York, Dan Kwon, Dario Wokurka, Magnus Andersen, Rosa Aiello, Elif Saydam, Lena Phillip, John Miller, Buck Ellison, Luzie Meyer, Suart Middleton, Ryan Karlsson, Franziska Wildt, Mahsa Saloor, J.s. Teixeira, Thy-Han Nguyen-Chi, George Rippon, Ian Edmonds, Mikhail Wassmer, John Ryan, Julien Nguyen, Yuki Kushino, Kitsum Cheng and Leda Bourgogne.

Criticism/Theory First Edition Paperback 250 pages Texts in French   New       EUR 13 ORDER

Comité Invisible, À nos amis, La Fabrique, 2014

“À ceux pour qui la fin d’une civilisation n’est pas la fin du monde ;
À ceux qui voient l’insurrection comme une brèche, d’abord, dans le règne organisé de la bêtise, du mensonge et de la confusion ;
À ceux qui devinent, derrière l’épais brouillard de « la crise », un théâtre d’opérations, des manœuvres, des stratégies – et donc la possibilité d’une contre-attaque ;
À ceux qui portent des coups ;
À ceux qui guettent le moment propice ;
À ceux qui cherchent des complices ;
À ceux qui désertent ;
À ceux qui tiennent bon ;
À ceux qui s’organisent ;
À ceux qui veulent construire une force révolutionnaire, révolutionnaire parce que sensible ;
Cette modeste contribution à l’intelligence de ce temps.“

Les insurrections, finalement, sont venues. À un rythme tel et dans tant de pays, depuis 2008, que c’est tout l’édifice de ce monde qui semble, fragment suivant fragment, se désintégrer. Il y a dix ans, prédire un soulèvement vous exposait aux ricanements des assis; ce sont ceux qui annoncent le retour à l’ordre qui font à présent figure de bouffons. Rien de plus ferme, de plus assuré, nous disait-on, que la Tunisie de Ben Ali, la Turquie affairée d’Erdogan, la Suède sociale démocrate, la Syrie baasiste, le Québec sous tranquillisants ou le Brésil de la plage, des bolsa família et des unités de police pacificatrices. On a vu la suite. La stabilité est morte. En politique aussi, on y réfléchit à deux fois, désormais, avant de décerner un triple A.“

Architecture First Edition Hardcover with dust jacket in boxset 305 pages 37 x 27 cm Texts in English and Japanese   Small humidity stains on the inside covers
o/w as new
Dust jacket in perfect condition
      EUR 260 out of stock

Shigekatsu Nakada, Living Interiors Japan 1980–1985, Toso Publishing, 1985

Beautiful book with hundreds of illustration focusing on Japanese architecture and interior design of the early 1980s.

Houses of Japan: compositions, natural and artificial illumination, colour, materials, japanese traditional style, neo japanesque, folklore, furniture and objects, children rooms..

Criticism/Theory, Poetry First Edition Paperback 160 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 18 ORDER

Kathy Acker, McKenzie Wark, I'm Very Into You, Semiotext(e), 2015

I'm Very Into You, Correspondence 1995–1996 between Kathy Acker and McKenzie Wark

“Why am I telling you all this? Partly ‘cause the whole queerness/identity thing for me stretches through everything, absolutely everything. Slipping between straight/gay is child’s play compared to slipping between writer/teacher/influence-peddler whatever. I forget who I am. You reminded me of who I prefer to be.” [M.W.]

“It’s two in the morning. . . I know what you mean about slipping roles: I love it, going high low, power helpless even captive, male female, all over the place, space totally together and brain-sharp, if it wasn’t for play I’d be bored stiff and I think boredom is the emotion I find most unbearable. . . ” [KA]

After Kathy Acker met McKenzie Wark on a trip to Australia in 1995, they had a brief fling and immediately began a heated two-week email correspondence. Their emails shimmer with insight, gossip, sex, and cultural commentary. They write in a frenzy, several times a day; their emails cross somewhere over the International Date Line, and themselves become a site of analysis. What results is an index of how two brilliant and idiosyncratic writers might go about a courtship across 7,500 miles of airspace—by pulling in Alfred Hitchcock, stuffed animals, Georges Bataille, Elvis Presley, phenomenology, Marxism, The X-files, psychoanalysis, and the I Ching.

Artist's book First Edition Hardcover 220 pages 24 x 18 cm   New       EUR 38 ORDER

Simon Haenni, ACOCO, 9783906011, 2013

ACOCO contains 138 photographs divided into fifteen chapters of various lengths and rhythms. The images are all soberly laid out in the same format. Formally, the book resembles an archive, although the contents are not ordered according to themes or clearly defined categories. The aesthetic and sense of distance of the work brings it closer to documentary and architectural photography, while the absence of the usual geographic and temporal references reveals a subtle and witty reflection on the nature of the medium of photography and the reading and interpretation of images in general.
Simon Haenni (b. 1985, Nechâtel, Switzerland) works as a photographer and image-based artist in Geneva. He is a member of the Maximage collective, which engages in graphic design, photography, and publication projects.

Multiple         EUR 100 ORDER

Ramaya Tegegne, Mullicans, 2014

Artist edition, signed and numbered.
Materials: porcelain
Edition of 20, PDF with full details here.
To place your order: write an email with the edition number you wish to purchase or include it in a note in your Paypal transfer.

Fiction Paperback 18 x 11 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 18 out of stock

Simon Bill, BRAINS, Mute Publishing Ltd, 2011

“The unnamed narrator of Brains is a drunken and dissolute painter. He gets a job as artist-in-residence at the opulent Norman Neurological Institute in central London, but only because all the other short-listed applicants turn it down. Among the patients he encounters he is impressed, in particular, by the sublimely attractive yet mysterious Emily, who cannot remember anything for more than 15 minutes at a time. He is smitten, yet, even for him, the ethics of bedding someone who cannot give credible consent are dubious.“

Simon Bill is a contemporary British artist. He lives and works in Sheffield, UK.

Multiple 51 x 61 cm   New       EUR 35 ORDER

Eckhaus Latta, Vulnerability Beach Bag, Art Metropole, 2014

Eckhaus Latta's Vulnerability Beach Bag is a woven polypropylene bag with silk screened and colour stamped graphic on both sides produced on the occasion of Art Metropole's presence at Art Basel 2014 as a part of the shop's tradition of artist-designed shopping bags.
Eckhaus Latta is a bicoastal American fashion label founded by Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta. While most of their projects centralize around fashion, this mesh beach bag is a further exploration into their poetry practice.

Periodical, Criticism/Theory First Edition Soft cover, perfect binding 32 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 24 ORDER

Stephen Willats (ed.), Control Magazine #19, CONTROL MAGAZINE, 2014

Creating Society Between People
Control Issue Nineteen presents a group of artists who are all developing a counter consciousness opposed to the possessive object, though in quite different ways, however they are all focussing their work on creating society between people. Here the artwork becomes a dynamic social process through a single event or a time-based series of events, which are even taken to the level of a simulation of a possible society or social state of affairs. As such the artists’ practices presented in this issue of Control Magazine provide the reader with a contemporary counter view to the current art world culture of the deterministic, authoritative and possessive object. Despite the overwhelming emphasis and preoccupation with the market in today’s visual culture, with its emulative icons of life-style art objects, the artists in Issue Nineteen have created a space in which they can operate and express the quite different values of community. In the present climate this has to be quite a significant achievement as all the validating reinforcements in the art environment are currently hugely biased towards art that is descriptive, that reinforces the beliefs, values and practices of the dominant culture. Some of the artists here are in a network of mutual support that has aided and helped validate the approaches they have taken, and this is undoubtedly a significant action on their part, others have gone ahead with their projects in semi isolation from like minded colleagues; but in both cases this issue of Control Magazine has brought together, in one overall statement, an access to some of the socially-founded art practices of the moment.
Edited by Stephen Willats.
Christian Nyampeta, The Rest
Rosalie Schweiker, Dilemmas in Art
Ricardo Basbaum, re-projecting (London)
Andrea Francke, On how art should help us imagine different futures and how art discourse could be stopping us from getting there
Emma Smith, Rehearsal
Stephen Willats, The Oxford Community Datastream
Eva Weinmayr, Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve
Ross Taylor & Madalina Zaharia, Walls With Holes In
Luke Cohen, Charivari
Laura Wilson, 800 Lights in 177 Years

Monograph First Edition Hardcover 28 x 22 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 65 ORDER

Charles Harlan (ed.), Carol Bove: Manuals 2010, The Leopard Press, 2013

Manuals 2010 presents instructions on how to recreate and install Bove’s trademark assemblages.

Artist's book, Criticism/Theory First Edition Soft cover, perfect binding 140 pages 29 x 21 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 30 out of stock

Ramaya Tegegne, Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz, Marbriers 4, 2014

Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz is a visual essay looking at groups groups, networks and the phenomenon of gossip in an artistic context from a sociological point of view. Gossip is here understood as a relational model allowing to understand how groups emerge and define themselves through a mutual speculative knowledge and through some kind of difference to an outside. Gossip is considered as a productive virtue capable of creating intimacy, trust and a stimulating network allowing the emergence of common values, convictions and knowledge among the group.

Within the art world, as an informal mode of communication, it also plays a decisive role in the formation of a critical opinion on an artist's reputation: his personality, his work and consequently his career.

Compiled by Ramaya Tegegne on the occasion of her show Respektive at Marbriers 4, May 29 – June 14, 2014.

Exhibition catalogue, Monograph First Edition Hardcover 62 pages 31 x 24 cm Texts in French / English   Edges slightly used.
o/w Fine
      EUR 700 ORDER

Richard Prince, Richard Prince, Magasin, 1988

Catalogue published on the occasion of his first european major exhibition at Magasin – Centre National d'Art Contemporain de Grenoble, September 24 to November 27, 1988.

Contains a text by Jeff Rian in French and English. Very special layout, beautiful book. Super rare item.

2x LP 12''   New       EUR 35 ORDER

Solar Lice, The Power Station, 2014

"Climate change was evident in 2013 as was the gradual shift in consciousness. The general public had forgotten the periodic table long ago. Now people were merely interested in harvesting the entertainment value of the present, but the trickle down effect was more temporal than ever. Noosphere vibration value was at an all time low. Thought slowed after the vibration change(post 9/11). People no longer connected the dots; they forgot everything but themselves."
Full text and sound here.

Produced on the occasion of DRIP EVENT by Tobias Madison, Emanuel Rossetti & Stefan Tcherepnin, an exhibition held at The Power Station April 10–July 12, 2013
JEANNE GRAFF Vocals, Percussion
TOBIAS MADISON Percussion, Vocals
FLAVIO MERLO Guitar, Bass Guitar, Vocals
GREGORY RUPPE Drums, Percussion, Vocals
WILLIAM Z. SAUNDERS Vocals, Drums, Percussion
STEFAN TCHEREPNIN Bass Guitar, Serge Modular, Vocals, Percussion

Comes with a leporello poster


Cinema, Artist's book Second Edition 660 pages 24 x 13 cm   New       EUR 120 ORDER

H. R. Giger, Alien Tagebücher / Alien Diaries, Edition Patrick Frey, 2012

HR Giger worked in the Shepperton Studios near London from February to November 1978, creating the figures and sets for the film Alien (1979) directed by Ridley Scott. The film became an international success, earning Giger an Oscar. In the transcribed Alien Diaries, published here for the first time as a facsimile, HR Giger describes his work in the studios. He writes, sketches, and takes photographs with his Polaroid SX70. With brutal honesty, sarcasm and occasional despair, Giger describes what it is like working for the film industry and how he struggles against all odds — be it the stinginess of producers or the sluggishness of his staff — to see his designs become reality. The Alien Diaries (in German transcription with an English translation) show a little-known personal side of the artist HR Giger and offer an unusual, detailed glimpse into the making of a movie classic through the eyes of a Swiss artist. The book contains almost completely unpublished material, including drawings, Polaroids showing the monster coming to life, and several still shots from the plentiful film material that Giger took in Shepperton.

Monograph, Exhibition catalogue First Edition Soft cover, perfect binding 145 pages 28 x 21 cm Texts in French / English   New       EUR 50 ORDER

Allen Ruppersberg, Where's Al?, Magasin, 1996

Exhibition catalogue published in conjunction with show held October 19, 1996 - January 5, 1997 at Magasin, Centre National d'Art Contemporain de Grenoble.
Contains texts by Yves Aupetitallot, Catherine Quéloz, Dan Cameron, as well as the following from the artist:

A lecture on Houdini
Art and Ourselves
As Close As We Have Come
The Asking (You and Me)

Monograph, Exhibition catalogue First Edition Soft cover, perfect binding 172 pages 29 x 23 cm Texts in French / English   New       EUR 50 ORDER

Jack Goldstein, Magasin, 2002

Catalogue published on the occasion of Jack Goldstein, exhibition curated by Yves Aupetitallot and Lionel Bovier, in collaboration with Fareed Armaly at Magasin, Centre National d'Art Contemporain de Grenoble, February 3 – April 24 2002. 
Contains an anthology put together by Lionel Bovier and Fabrice Stroun.

Poster Edition of 3 128 x 90 cm   New       EUR 300 ORDER

Jean-Michel Wicker, Untitled Freddy, 2012

Digital print on paper.
Produced by Kunsthalle Bern, 2012.
​Comes with a certificate signed by the artist.

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