Comics First Edition Hardcover 42 pages Texts in French   New       EUR 30 ORDER

Hugo Baud, Madonna, auto-publié, 2015

Madonna est une bande-dessinée de Hugo Baud qui relate les aléas de la vie sentimentale d'un jeune personnage, à l'effigie d'un chien. 

« Dans la ville, des fois, rien n'est clair. La vie lui était tombée dessus. »

Criticism/Theory Second Edition Soft cover, perfect binding 216 pages 21 x 15 cm Texts in French / English   New       EUR 27 ORDER

Ulises Carrión, Quant aux livres / On Books, Éditions Héros-Limite, 2008

Ulises Carrión est né à Vera Cruz (Mexique) en 1941. Tandis qu’il étudie la littérature et la philosophie à Mexico, à Paris et à Leeds, il publie des nouvelles et des poèmes. En 1970, il s’établit à Amsterdam, rompt avec son passé littéraire et se tourne vers la poésie concrète et visuelle. Avec un groupe d’artistes, il fonde une galerie, In-Out Center, et une maison d’édition, In-Out Productions. Son approche théorique du livre d’artiste l’amène à ouvrir Other Books and So, première librairie entièrement consacrée à la promotion et la diffusion de livres d’artistes. Il met sur pied des projets de mail art, des expositions de nouvelles formes d’expression (photocopies, tampons) et des performances, donne des conférences, crée des livres, publie des articles et des essais. En 1980, Ulises Carrión convertit une partie du fonds de sa librairie en archives privées. Jusqu’à sa mort en 1989, il poursuit sa quête de nouvelles «stratégies culturelles» à travers d’autres médias – le cinéma, la vidéo, la télévision et la radio. 

Ce recueil traite exclusivement du livre, en étudie sa structure et son architecture.
Textes rassemblés par Juan J. Agius, introduction d’Anne Mœglin-Delcroix et Clive Phillpot. Traduit par Thierry Dubois.

  New       EUR 200 ORDER

jmxmage, 2012

jmxmage: Jean-Michel Wicker + Maximage

edition of 50 unique copies, signed and numbered
single-prints on offset press, Berlin 2012

170 x 240 mm, 32 pages
245 x 340 mm, 16 pages
495 x 170 mm, 16 pages
345 x 495 mm, 08 pages
posters 70 x 103 cm
PDF with full details here.
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Artists' writings, Monograph First Edition Softcover 1500 pages Texts in French   Very good condition       EUR 180 ORDER

Daniel Buren, Les Écrits (1965-1990), CAPC, 1991

"En 1985 le capc Musée d'art contemporain de Bordeaux prit la décision de publier les écrits complets de Daniel Buren. Le travail s'est engagé avec l'ambition quelque peu déraisonnable de viser à l'exhaustivité. Le musée et Daniel Buren en ont accepté l'enjeu car il ne s'agissait pas d'assouvir quelque besoin de compilation maniaque, mais de donner à comprendre comment s'étaient écrits et dits au jour le jour, à côté ou autour du travail proprement esthétique, un discours et des textes dont la fonction s'est avérée indispensable." (extrait de la préface du livre par Jean-Marc Poinsot).

Textes réunis et présentés par Jean-Marc Poinsot. Publication préparée par Marc Sanchez. En trois volumes. Tome I : 1965-1976 ; Tome II : 1977-1983 ; Tome III : 1984-1990.

Exhibition catalogue, Monograph First Edition Softcover 80 pages 13 x 10 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 28 ORDER

Dan Graham, Pavilions: a guide, Art Metropole, 2009

Since the ‘60s, Dan Graham has been making radical work in print, video, performance, and architectural installation. In the late ‘70s he began designing his pavilions, structures in steel and semi-reflective glass that comment on local architecture and offer rich social moments for people to reflect on the world around them. Compiled by Josh Thorpe, this pocket guide book is a simple guide to the dozens of Graham’s pavilions available around the world. Includes an introduction and interview with the artist by Josh Thorpe.

Criticism/Theory Second Edition Softcover 224 pages 22 x 18 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 19 ORDER

Dan Graham, Rock/Music Writings, Primary Information, 2009

Rock/Music Writings collects Dan Graham’s influential writings about rock and roll music and its cultural impact. First published in 2009, Rock/Music Writings includes thirteen essays written between 1968 and 1988, most of which were originally printed in small magazines or journals, including Extensions, Fusion, REAL LIFE, and ZG.

Graham was a friend and supporter of many musicians active in the No Wave scene that was centered around New York City in the late ’70s. In addition to collaborating with musicians during this period, Graham created “Rock My Religion,” a video that demonstrates parallels between rock music culture and religious rituals, such as Shaker dances and revivalist meetings. The work’s related text, also titled “Rock My Religion,” is included in Rock/Music Writings, along with texts such as “The End of Liberalism,” “New Wave Rock and the Feminine,” “McLaren’s Children,” and “Artist as Producer.” These texts examine the lyrics and backgrounds of bands like The Beatles, The Kinks, Devo, The Ramones, the Patti Smith Group, the Sex Pistols, and Bow Wow Wow, relating them to consumerism and visual art movements, including Abstract Expressionism and Pop art.

Criticism/Theory First Edition Softcover 286 pages 19 x 12 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 16 ORDER

Isabelle Graw, Ewa Lajer-Burcharth, Painting beyond Itself: The Medium in the Post-medium Condition, Sternberg Press, 2016

In response to recent developments in pictorial practice and critical discourse, Painting beyond Itself: The Medium in the Post-medium Condition seeks new ways to approach and historicize the question of the medium. Reaching back to the earliest theoretical and institutional definitions of painting, this book—based on a conference at Harvard University in 2013—focuses on the changing role of materiality in establishing painting as the privileged practice, discourse, and institution of modernity. Myriad conceptions of the medium and its specificity are explored by an international group of scholars, critics, and artists. Painting beyond Itself is a forum for rich historical, theoretical, and practice-grounded conversation.

Contributions by Carol Armstrong, Benjamin H. D. Buchloh, Sabeth Buchmann, René Démoris, Isabelle Graw, David Joselit, Jutta Koether, Ewa Lajer-Burcharth, Jacqueline Lichtenstein, Julie Mehretu, Matt Saunders, Amy Sillman.

Criticism/Theory First Edition Paperback 479 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 29 ORDER

Branden W. Joseph, Beyond the Dream Syndicate. Tony Conrad and the Arts after Cage, Zone Books, 2008

Tony Conrad has significantly influenced cultural developments from minimalism to underground film, “concept art,” postmodern appropriation, and the most sophisticated rock and roll. Creator of the “structural” film, The Flicker, collaborator on Jack Smith’s Flaming Creatures and Normal Love, follower of Henry Flynt’s radical anti-art, member of the Theatre of Eternal Music and the first incarnation of The Velvet Underground, and early associate of Mike Kelley, Tony Oursler, and Cindy Sherman, Conrad has eluded canonic histories. Yet Beyond the Dream Syndicate does not claim Conrad as a major but under-recognized figure. Neither monograph nor social history, the book takes Conrad’s collaborative interactions as a guiding thread by which to investigate the contiguous networks and discursive interconnections in 1960s art.

Criticism/Theory First Edition Soft cover, perfect binding 405 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 28 ORDER

Bob Nickas, The Dept. of Corrections. Collected Writings 2007–2015, Karma, 2015

This volume is comprised of years of recent writing by the influential New York–based critic and curator Bob Nickas, widely considered one of the few independent voices still at work today. The 50 essays and interviews, written since 2007, are spread across five chapters, touching on encounters with artists from the 1960s to the ’80s to the present—among them, Jack Smith, Andy Warhol, Frank Stella, On Kawara, Isa Genzken, Steven Parrino, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kara Walker, Wolfgang Tillmans, Kelley Walker and Pierre Huyghe. Writing as if these figures were passing us by in present time, Nickas traces the disappearance of artists, architecture and culture in New York over three decades. As a way to keep the past in every sense present, his writing is always issued from his fictional “Dept. of Corrections.”

Architecture First Edition Hardcover 640 pages 32 x 23 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 69 out of stock

Manuel Herz, African Modernism, Park Books, 2015

African Modernism. The Architecture of Independence. Ghana, Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, Kenya, Zambia

In the 1950s and 1960s, most African countries gained independence from their respective colonial power. Architecture became one of the principal means by which the newly formed countries expressed their national identity. Parliament buildings, central banks, stadiums, convention centers, universities and independence memorials were built, often to heroic and daring designs. At the same time, these buildings exemplify also the difficulties, contradictions and dilemmas these countries experienced in their nation-building process.

Exhibition catalogue First Edition Softcover 100 pages Texts in German & French   Very good condition       EUR 27 ORDER

Luciano Castelli, Images / Bilder 1972–1988, Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts de Lausanne, 1989

Catalogue publié à l'occasion l'exposition éponyme de Luciano Castelli au Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts de Lausanne, du 14 avril au 4 juin 1989.

Criticism/Theory Softcover 470 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 30 ORDER

George Baker, The Artwork Caught by the Tail. Francis Picabia and Dada in Paris, MIT Press, 2010

The artist Francis Picabia—notorious dandy, bon vivant, painter, poet, filmmaker, and polemicist—has emerged as the Dadaist with postmodern appeal, and one of the most enigmatic forces behind the enigma that was Dada. In this first book in English to focus on Picabia's work in Paris during the Dada years, art historian and critic George Baker reimagines Dada through Picabia's eyes. Such reimagining involves a new account of the readymade—Marcel Duchamp's anti-art invention, which opened fine art to mass culture and the commodity. But in Picabia’s hands, Baker argues, the Dada readymade aimed to reinvent art rather than destroy it. Picabia’s readymade opened art not just to the commodity, but to the larger world from which the commodity stems: the fluid sea of capital and money that transforms all objects and experiences in its wake. The book thus tells the story of a set of newly transformed artistic practices, claiming them for art history—and naming them—for the first time: Dada Drawing, Dada Painting, Dada Photography, Dada Abstraction, Dada Cinema, Dada Montage.

Along the way, Baker describes a series of nearly forgotten objects and events, from the almost lunatic range of the Paris Dada “manifestations” to Picabia’s polemical writings; from a lost work by Picabia in the form of a hole (called, suggestively, The Young Girl) to his “painting” Cacodylic Eye, covered in autographs by luminaries ranging from Ezra Pound to Fatty Arbuckle. Baker ends with readymades in prose: a vast interweaving of citations and quotations that converge to create a heated conversation among Picabia, André Breton, Tristan Tzara, James Joyce, Friedrich Nietzsche, Jacques Derrida, Gilles Deleuze, and others. Art history has never looked like this before. But then again, Dada has never looked like art history.

Monograph First Edition Softcover 400 pages 28 x 21 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 78 ORDER

Germano Celant, William N. Copley, Fondazione Prada, 2016

Monograph published on the occasion of the artist's retrospective exhibition at Fondazione Prada, Milano, October 20, 2016 to January 8, 2017.

Essays by Germano Celant, Toby Kamps, Jonathan Griffin, Paul B. Franklin, Gwen L. Allen, Alison M. Gingeras; Chronology by Claire Brandon.

Criticism/Theory Softcover 104 pages 32 x 21 cm Texts in French / English   New       EUR 32 ORDER

Jelena Martinovic, Bold Climbers, Cordyceps Press, 2016

Climbers today and in the past have perceived the mountain as a theatre of aesthetic exploration and scientific experimentation. In this richly illustrated book, featuring sixteen original artworks, the paths of artists and writers cross as, following the trails of mythology, medical geography, natural history and cinema, they turn mountain landscapes into modernist painting. Whether the expedition itself was famous or obscure, the ascent to high altitudes was a crucible for bold eccentrics in the Alps, including art historian Aloïs Riegl, occultist Aleister Crowley, operatic filmmaker Daniel Schmid, and altitude therapist Henri Clermond Lombard. Four original texts written by Merel van Tilburg (art historian), Vincent Barras (poet and historian of medicine), Maxime Guitton (music curator), and Jelena Martinovic (artist and historian of science) reflect on the interest and inspiration found in alpinism from the 19th century to the present. Bold Climbers is both an investigation and experiment into the aesthetics of peak performances.

W/ Stefan Benchoam, Pauline Cazorla, Guillaume Dénerveaud, Aldric Lamblin, Sarah Margnetti, Mathias Pfund, Aude Richards, Vincent de Roguin, Pierre Szczepski, Luca Schenardi, Konstantin Sgouridis, Annabelle Voisin, Héloïse Verdan, Vivian Suter, Elisabeth Wild.

Monograph First Edition Softcover 432 pages 28 x 23 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 53 ORDER

Heimo Zobernig, Books & Posters, Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, 2016

The Vienna-based artist Heimo Zobernig has achieved wide recognition for his sculptures, paintings, videos and performances. With works that respond to the legacy of the discourses and themes of formalist, abstract and Minimalist art, often establishing a close dialogue with the architecture and history of a specific place, he is an important representative of the artists associated with 'Kontext Kunst' (Context Art) in the German-speaking art scene of the 1990s. This survey book offers an original and comprehensive overview of the ways Zobernig has engaged since 1980 with an expanded notion of publishing as a way to explore the linguistic aspects of art. Ingeniously designed by the graphic studio Oficina de disseny based in Barcelona, it presents 114 artist's books, monographs and exhibition catalogues as well as 117 posters that, thanks to an essay by Anja Dorn that contextualises them, sheds light on a rarely commented side of Zobernig's multi-faceted practice.

With texts by Diana Baldon, Anja Dorn, Moritz Küng & Heimo Zobernig.

Criticism/Theory First Edition Paperback 499 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 28 ORDER

Thomas W. Laqueur, Solitary Sex. A Cultural History of Masturbation, Zone Books, 2004

"Around 19700, masturbation morphed from a minor sociospiritual transgression into a moral-medical horror. Laquer explains why–better and certainly more exhaustively than previous scholars. As centralized monarchs and the church lost power and the individual assumed new importance in civil society, masturbation was revisioned as the most selfish, antisocial, and dangerous perversion of individualism. Much later, Freud remade masturbation into a temporary, youthful way station for individual socialization. Then after the 1960s, feminism and gay liberation helped engineer a third makeover of masturbation as fundamental for socialized individuals of any age."

Multiple Edition of 15 80 x 15 cm   New       EUR 300 ORDER

Marlie Mul, Bam Bam’ (bæm bæm), 2015

Edition of hand carved caveman clubs based on Marlie Mul’s large-scale installation ‘Ug’ (Ug), ‘Duh’ (dǝ), ‘Muh’ (mɜːɹ), ‘Bam Bam’ (bæm bæm)‘ that was a part of her solo exhibition Arbeidsvitaminen at Vilma Gold in 2015.

Materials: polyurethane, paper, sand, glue, varnish. Hand carved.

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Monograph First Edition Softcover 212 pages 30 x 23 cm Texts in English   New       EUR 48 out of stock

Mara Züst, Simone Koller, Doris Stauffer: A Monograph, Scheidegger & Spiess, 2015

In addition to her contributions to art criticism, Doris Stauffer has produced an impressive body of artistic work that consists of photography, sculpture, and collage. The subject of exhibitions in her native Switzerland, Stauffer is among the founders of the F + F School of Experimental Design, and her explorations of form and color have long been recognized for engaging with feminism and the existing conventions and hierarchies within society.

With more than three hundred illustrations, Doris Stauffer documents for the first time the life and work of this important twentieth-century artist with a focus on her political engagement. Essays place Stauffer’s work in historical and political context, including her involvement with the Swiss women’s liberation movement and an interview in which the artist imagines alternative forms of feminism and art education. Additional essays look at the influence of Stauffer on other female artists, as well as some of the recurring themes in her art, including fairy tales and other forms of narration.

Sexualités, Fiction Second Edition Soft cover, perfect binding 300 pages Texts in English   New       EUR 32 ORDER

François Peraldi, Polysexuality (Semiotext(e) #10), Semiotext(e), 1995

Originally conceived as a special Semiotext(e) issue on homosexuality at the end of the 70s, “Polysexuality” quickly evolved into a more complex and iconoclastic project whose intent was to do away with recognized genders altogether, considered far too limitative. The project landed somewhere between humor, anarchy, science-fiction, utopia and apocalypse. In the few years that it took to put it together, it also evolved from a joyous schizo concept to a darker, neo-Lacanian elaboration on the impossibility of sexuality. The tension between the two, occasionally perceptible, is the theoretical subtext of the issue. Upping the ante on gender distinctions, “Polysexuality” started by blowing wide open all sexual classifications, inventing unheard-of categories, regrouping singular features into often original configurations, like Corporate Sex, Alimentary Sex, Soft or Violent Sex, Discursive Sex, Self- Sex, Animal Sex, Child Sex, Morbid Sex, or Sex of the Gaze. Mixing documents, interviews, fiction, theory, poetry, psychiatry and anthropology, “Polysexuality” became the encyclopedia sexualis of a continent that is still emerging. What it displayed in all its forms could be called, broadly speaking, the Sexuality of Capital. (Actually the issue being rather hot, it was decided to cool it off somewhat by only using “capitals” throughout the issue. It was also the first issue for which we used the computer).
Includes work by Alain Robbe-Grillet, Félix Guattari, Paul Verlaine, William S.Burroughs, Georges Bataille, Pierre Klossowski, Roland Barthes, Paul Virilio, Peter Lamborn Wilson, and more.


Criticism/Theory First Edition Softcover 256 pages 21 x 15 cm Texts in French   New       EUR 15 ORDER

Öyvind Fahlström, Essais choisis, Les presses du réel, 2002

Connu principalement comme artiste visuel, Öyvind Fahlström (1928-1976) était également poète, dramaturge, happening-maker, cinéaste, critique d'art et critique littéraire. Sa recherche d'un art total explique son intérêt pour les formes d'art hybrides, et éclaire la grande variété des sujets abordés dans le présent recueil, dans lequel figurent de nombreux inédits en français : Sade, Céline ou W. S. Burroughs y croisent la poésie concrète et le Nouveau Roman, les artistes du Pop Art les réalisateurs de la Nouvelle Vague et les pionniers de la musique électronique, et les considérations sur la contre-culture hippie se mêlent aux commentaires de Fahlström sur son propre travail.
« L'artiste est comme un agent, comme un espion ou un membre d'une organisation clandestine. Auparavant je pensais que je pourrais peindre à certains moments, et me distraire à d'autres. Mais dernièrement j'ai réalisé que, en tant qu'artiste, l'on n'est jamais au repos, que la chasse et la pêche continuent perpétuellement, et comme un membre de la résistance, on ne peut jamais se détendre, dès lors que l'on sait qu'on pourrait venir frapper à votre porte à tout moment pendant la nuit ». Les observations réunies dans cette anthologie forment ainsi comme autant de rapports de cette activité ininterrompue, celle d'un artiste entendu comme agent double, ou espion, tour à tour savant fou (Benway) et explorateur (Livingstone).

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